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4 Reasons Why Rest Is Important for Boxing

Craig Middleton Nov 1, 2019
Don't feel guilty for taking time off from an otherwise grueling training schedule for an upcoming fight. In fact, it might actually boost your athletic performance. Here are some reasons to make sure you schedule rest in your routine, and a few ways to make sure you actually take time to get it.

1. Rest Encourages Muscle Recovery

Rest allows muscles to recover. This is important if you have a tight workout schedule. Rest helps boxers with short and long term recovery, try to put at least one day between workouts when training specific muscle groups. Give your muscles proper nutrition before and after exercise so they have the building blocks needed for repairs.

2. Sleep Deprivation Hinders Performance

It's hard to deny the importance of sleep. This is especially true for athletes. If you have trouble getting enough sleep, you might want to check your bed. If you aren't feeling supported, consider switching to a pure latex mattress. They offer great help so you fall asleep faster.

3. Stretching Improves Flexibility

Make time to stretch at least a few times every week. It offers a nice contrast to more intense workouts and can improve flexibility. It can help avoid injury since your body is able to react to sudden movements, falls, or changes in direction.

4. Repetitive Motion Can Lead to Injury

Performing same motions over and over like punching can lead to injury. Allowing muscles, joints, and connective tissues a chance to rest can help avoid a repetitive motion injury, which means you won't have to worry about recovering from one. Nothing can derail an athletic season like an injury.