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4 Ways Eyewear Can Enhance Sports Performance

Gel Datu Nov 4, 2019
Seeing clearly can be a game-changer. No matter which sports you play, prescription or safety eyewear makes better performance possible. Find out about four ways that prescription glasses with clear lenses or men's and women's prescription sunglasses give you a competitive edge.

Get A Prescription For Greater Precision

If you play a sport or do any activities that pose some risk of direct eye impact, you should consider a pair of prescription safety glasses for added physical protection. Shatter-proof lenses and an anti-scratch coating may also be useful for preventing damage to eyewear in the event of an accidental drop or fall.

Block Glare With Women's Prescription Sunglasses

Standard sunglasses should block anywhere from 99% to 100% of ultraviolet rays. Most sunglasses have an SPF of 45. Depending on your sport, glare may be more or less of a factor. If you participate in water sports, winter sports where glare is a regular issue, you may want to consider getting sports glasses that have polarized or mirror-coated lenses.

Combine Durable Lenses and Coatings

Athletes in impact sports should consider eyewear that has shatter-proof lenses. As an added benefit, polycarbonate lenses come with built-in UV protection. Other plastic lenses may require an additional layer of protective UV coating. Depending on where you train or travel to compete, you may also want to consider performance lenses with anti-fog coatings.

Select Frames That Stay In Place

If your glasses or sunglasses keep slipping off, you’ll spend more energy and time making adjustments that would otherwise be focused on the challenges at hand. 

Goggle-style glasses and wraparound frames are more likely to stay in place than standard frames. These frame styles also provide more protection from ultraviolet rays.
Women's prescription sunglasses with the right combination of features can improve your performance in any sport from baseball to water polo. When it’s time to invest in active eyewear, start by considering the challenges posed by your primary activities.