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5 Reasons to Play Fantasy Premier League

Craig Thomas Sep 28, 2019
Everybody who is a football enthusiast knows about Fantasy Premier League, and no season is complete until you start a team to compete for the season ahead. The popularity of the fantasy game has increased massively over recent seasons, and nowadays every person you speak to has a team.
There are millions of players who play Fantasy Premier League and become engrossed with making weekly changes to ensure that their team remains competitive over 38 weeks of the season. But, there is far more to enjoy than just the selection process.


One reason why it's so popular is because of how much involvement it gives its players. It makes players will feel closer to the professionals and help them learn interesting facts about them throughout the season.
These include passing and assist stats, which could lead to fantasy players gaining a new layer of respect for the professionals in their side.

Social Element

The social side that comes with Fantasy Premier League is second to none. It enables players to create their own leagues and compete against friends for bragging rights. This makes the game an easy and fun topic of conversation.
Of course, winning is brilliant as you would be able to hold it over your friends head for the next 12 months.

Having Control

The research process in Fantasy Premier League is a big part of the game. The control that you have on your team is down to you, and you alone, which means that you take in the research to ensure that you can remain competitive throughout the season.
You can drop the players that are out of form and bring in the players that are finding the net regularly.


Of course, a little friendly competition with your friends is always a good laugh. But, Fantasy Premier League takes this to the next level as you compete against players from the country you live in. This means that if you win, you’re the champion of your respective country.

It's Free

The best things in life are free, and the Fantasy Premier League is no different. You don’t have to put a single penny down when selecting your team, and instead, you can just get around to having an enjoyable experience with your friends.