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5 Ways to Watch NFL Every Game Without Paying for Cable

Matt Thompson Nov 1, 2019
You are a die-hard fan of NFL sports but not having the cable in your tv. But you don't want to miss a single NFL game in your life. So what is the solution? You may become wonder by knowing that there are plenty of options around you to watch every single NFL match. Splendid thing is that you can actually watch NFL games totally free.
There are some sports websites where you can watch NFL matches for free or sometimes paying a little amount of money which is definitely less than your cable fee. Let's find out some of the options to watch NFL games if you are not having the cable in your home.


NFLWebCast is a live streaming website where you can actually watch NFL games for free 24/7. There are a lot of advantages to this site. You don't need to sign up for this site for watching the live stream. You can watch live streaming on any device like PC, Mac, mobile device, tablet or even in the smart tv.
On this website, you will be able to watch NFL Network, ESPN, NBC, CBS, Fox, and their respective local TV Stations live streaming Online 24/7 for free without signing up. Moreover, if you want to watch games like Super Bowl, Playoffs, Pro Bowl and even the Pre-Season games you can watch them online in HD or SD quality.

Subscribe to Aereo

Nowadays, Aereo got some attention as an alternative to an antenna. It has the technology to receive the network signals at a remote location and beaming those signals to the subscribers which allows you to get network channels over an internet connection. You don't need to think about the fee cause only around $8 you need to pay for a month.

Watch at Bar

If you want you can watch NFL matches at the sports bar you just need to keep the schedule in your mind. Watching NFL session at the bar obviously doesn't come for free. Well, you actually don't need to pay for watching the matches but you need to pay the rent in the form of buying drinks.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a very popular for watching sports online. It offers a different kind of packages for watching sports over an internet connection. You will find a lot of sports channels including NFL networks to watch sports.

Get an Antenna

One of the easiest ways to watch NFL games is to get an antenna in your home. There are a lot of antennae around the market you just need to find the right that matches your needs. It is really easy to set up an antenna so you don't need to hire a professional which costs you extra. The price of antenna differ from company to company.
These are the five ways to watch NFL or other sports even if you don't have the cable on your TV. Choose the right option and enjoy your most favorite NFL sports.