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Advantages of Custom Orthotics for Runners

Matt Thompson Sep 25, 2019
Running is extremely hard on the knees, feet, and other parts of the lower body. Very few people are capable of running with perfect form. As a result, the shock caused by their feet hitting the ground is inadequately absorbed, which can jar the body.
Flattened arches can cause the feet to roll toward the inside – a condition known as overpronation.

On the other end of this spectrum, under-pronation can keep the foot from rolling the way that it should, when it strikes the ground.
Both overpronation and underpronation can lead to problems like incorrectly aligned joints in the feet, shin splints, blisters, difference in leg length, and continuous pain. Rather than simply dealing with pain, a much better option is using custom orthotics.

Advantages of Using Custom Orthotics When Running

Create A Custom Fit With Every Shoe

The process of making custom orthotics starts by casting your foot in plaster or taking some type of three-dimensional impression. As they are molded directly from an impression of your feet, the orthotics fit perfectly.
No matter how nice a pair of running shoes are, chances of experiencing pain is quite high. Companies manufacture sneakers such that they fit as many different foot shapes as possible. As a result, they usually are incapable of meeting your specific needs.

Essential Support for Your Feet

Custom orthotics are molded precisely to the shape of your feet. Thus, they provide support in the exact places. While generic orthotics that you can buy at the drugstore can provide a little more support, they aren't as effective as custom orthotics as they aren't made specifically for your feet.

Durable Construction

The orthotics that you can purchase at a typical drugstore are relatively low-quality, meaning they tend to wear out quickly. Usually, they only last several months before they need to be replaced.
Custom orthotics, on the other hand, are typically good for about 2 to 5 years before you need to think about replacing them. A lot of times, they can also be refurbished, which helps them last even longer.

Excellent Support After Injuries

Getting back into running, after an injury can be challenging. Custom orthotics can help in that case. They distribute your weight evenly when your feet hit the ground, which makes for a much more comfortable running experience.
If you break your toe, for instance, you can get orthotics made that removes pressure from that particular toe, helping to minimize the amount of pain you would otherwise experience, while running. You can also get plantar fasciitis shoes that give you the support where you need it.

Maintain Your Natural Path of Motion

Your feet follow a certain path of their motion. Custom orthotics won't interfere with this natural motion path which makes running comfortable for you. The difference between wearing standard running shoes without orthotics and those with custom orthotics is completely opposite in terms of comfort.