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Archery Tips

Archery Tips
Archery is a fairly popular sport, one that not only requires skill and technique, but also mental preparation. The tips given here will help you with the little things that matter when handling a bow and arrow.
Gagan Dhillon
Most of us have at least once in our childhood played games inspired by the medieval times. Ever since Robin Hood popularized this sport, we as kids and adults are hooked on to archery. Things have changed a lot since the days of Robin Hood, because these days, we don't have to rob the rich to feed the poor, and also, bows and arrows have come a long way since then. This is one sport where the mind does 85% of the work, while the rest is taken care by following the correct technique.
One of the most important tips is to get the equipment that suits you the best. Bows are categorized according to weight. If a bow is say 60 lbs, it doesn't mean that it weighs that much―that is the amount of strength needed to draw it. So, if you are a beginner in archery, pick one that is suitable for you. One that is around 35 lbs should be comfortable. The next thing that you need to keep in mind is that archery is as much a mental activity as it is physical. So, make sure that you are mentally 100% present when you are aiming and releasing the arrow.
The Stance
The most important thing in archery is the correct stance. Recurve bow, traditional bow or compound bow, no matter what you use, the stance will play a big role in deciding where the arrow hits. To begin with, when you stand, your feet should be open as wide as your shoulders. Your feet should be on each side of the shooting line. You can either follow a square stance or an open stance. In the square stance, your feet are in a line and parallel to the target, and your side profile faces the target. For an open stance, you can place an arrow on the ground with the head facing the target and the other end touching the tip of your right shoe. You should stand in a comfortable position, and the weight of your body should be evenly distributed between the heel and the base of the foot.
The Hold
The correct hold is equally important to hit the target spot on. Aiming is made much more accurate by following this. Place the arrow on the bowstring according to the nocking point locator. The fletch end should be facing toward you. Place the arrow shaft into the arrow rest. The grip is very crucial―your hand should make a 45-degree angle on the grip, and the thumb should be raised. The bow arm should not be rigid, instead, it should be comfortably straight. Your released arm should be placed around your jawbone, and the string should touch the tip of your nose. The fingers should hold the end of the arrow lightly, and the three fingers should be pressing against the palm. The elbow of the release arm should be slightly raised and should be in line with the target.
The Release and Follow-through
One of the most helpful tips is to regulate your breathing while your aiming, and hold your breath when you are about you release the arrow. After you release the arrow, hold the position for at least 10 seconds. Many a time, the arrow doesn't hit the spot because the person filches just before the arrow has been let go.
These were some modern and traditional archery tips. To perfect one's aim, meditation is important, as when you're aiming, the sound around you should cease being audible, and only the bull's eye should be visible. Practice and patience always pays off, so be patient and practice to see results.
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