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How to Do a Backstroke Flip Turn

A Layman's Guide on How to Do a Perfect Backstroke Flip Turn

The backstroke flip turn is a type of turn used in swimming to change from the backstroke to the breaststroke. Here's more on this move...
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
In swimming, if you have to compete at a reasonably higher level, knowing how to change directions is absolutely essential. If a swimmer is lacking on this front, it would be difficult for him or her to do well in any competition. One such move is the backstroke flip turn, which is used to turn while swimming.
How to Do a Backstroke Flip Turn
  • Considering that those reading this know how to do a backstroke, let us take it from there. To begin with, swim towards a wall doing a backstroke. Several swimming pools have indicators which aid in gauging how far are you from the wall.
  • As you near the wall, lean your head back, and then follow it up by drawing your knees to your chest. Once you do that, tuck your body while rolling into a back flip in the water, till you have completely turned over facing down in the water.
  • After this, stretch your body and push yourself off the wall with your feet. What you need to do is to get your body in a line―streamline it.
  • When you streamline your body, extend your arms above your head, and keep your shoulders against your ears. Then start kicking at that instant to execute the backstroke flip turn.
  • Roll over on your back, begin doing your strokes, and break the surface of the water.
Congratulations! You have done it. However, there are a few things which need to be remembered.
  • During the initial stages, it is important to have your elbows, hands, and arms narrow and parallel. This will reduce resistance as you push yourself off the wall.
  • Exhaling through the nose while executing the backstroke flip turn is absolutely essential.
  • Flip a full 180 degrees prior to pushing yourself off the wall.
The backstroke flip turn is all about impeccable underwater breathing and a perfect swimming technique. Once a swimmer has that, he or she is all set to conquer the waters. The key here is to keep practicing, because that's the only way you will master this move.
Backstroke from Above
Young professional male athlete doing backstroke in swimming pool