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Baseball Fielding Drills

Improve Your Baseball Fielding Skills With These Exciting Drills

Improving the fielding ability of a baseball player is absolutely imperative and for this purpose there are many fielding drills to choose from. A successful team is the one that has committed and talented fielders in the team. This article will list some basic techniques to enhance your players' abilities.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Fielding is one of the most important aspects of the game of baseball. Training hard to master this ability is very crucial. It is not simply about running behind the ball, stopping it, and then throwing it to the bases. One also needs in-depth knowledge and training about positioning, timing, and improving the body's flexibility.
The best teams are invariably those that have the best fielders, and not just the best batters or pitchers. It is the fielders who balance out a team and help overcome all the hurdles they may face during a game. Training drills improve technique, stamina, flexibility, strength, and boost the confidence of a player. The key here is to keep one's eyes on the ball and knowing what you're going to do beforehand. The more you practice, the better you will get at it.
Basic Techniques
The best drills aim at improving fielding techniques with the help of constant coaching, supervision, and necessary feedback. Improving one's technique is all about dedication and can be achieved by combining theoretical training with practical application.
Catching the Ball
The most basic routines aim at teaching a player how to catch the ball properly with a baseball glove. If the ball is above the hips, then it must be caught with the fingers facing up, and if it is below the hips then the fingers must be facing downwards. The coach must stand close to a player and work on his catching skills along with him, by tossing him a high ball from every possible direction and angle.
Throwing the Ball
Another important part is throwing with precision. Not everyone is born with a strong throwing arm, but this is something that can be developed over time with the right techniques. This drill can be carried out by two players and the distance between them can keep altering. Basically, get them to throw the baseball at each other as firmly and accurately as possible. Increase the distance to make it challenging.
Stopping the Ball
Focusing on how to stop a rolling ball, scoop it up, and throw it to the bases is an integral part of any training routine. Sometimes, it gets quite difficult to judge the direction of a moving ball accurately, and picking it up and throwing sounds rather easier than it actually is. The timing of the run and the path taken to intercept the ball, is something that can only be mastered with experience. The exercises that focus on this skill, involve a baseball player trying to intercept many balls in quick succession, and following through to get an accurate throw. Again, 2 people can practice this together.
Another very important drill is watching videos, analyzing them, and learning from them. A player can be made to view and study videos of himself or other people. By watching the mistakes made by himself or watching the very things that need to be done, a player can learn improve a lot. The most important thing is to actually go and adopt these lessons while playing.
The secret behind success is constant practice, hard work, determination, willpower, sincerity, and dedication. These are not too many qualities to ask for in a person who truly wants to become a professional athlete. There is a spirit to the game that runs deeper than what meets they eye. Experienced players understand this exactly and work extremely hard to achieve their goals.