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Different Basketball Crossover Moves That'll Amaze Everyone

Shashank Nakate May 10, 2019
Basketball is a game of skills and the crossover move is one such skill that is difficult to master. You would find information about some of the interesting basketball crossover moves here.
The crossover enables you to score points by deceiving the defendant. This move is also known as a crossover dribble. The dribble is basically an activity of maneuvering the ball in a way that allows you to get past the defense of the opposing team. There are quite a few skills and techniques that you need to learn in order to master the crossover.

Best Basketball Crossover Moves

The crossover moves help you earn crucial points for your team. It is through these moves that you can reach the opponent's basket and score.

Simple Crossover

A crossover is performed by means of dribbling, deceiving the defendant and finally driving past him. A basketball dribble is an activity in which you move ahead while bouncing the ball at a low height.
Keeping the bounce at a low height proves to be useful in retaining the ball's possession. Even while you are dribbling, keep an eye on your opponent's move. If you have to constantly look at the ball while dribbling it, you need to improve in this area.
The act of deceiving the opponent helps in getting past him and towards the basket. In order to deceive him, make a move towards your left side (say) and also transfer the ball (through dribbling) from one hand to the other.
While you do this, also move the head in that direction. Quickly reverse your direction (right side) and transfer the ball back to your original hand. This act of yours deceives the opponent and allows you get past him/her. In the final section of crossover move i.e. driving, you just have to charge/drive past the opponent and score a basket.

Double Crossover

This move is similar to the normal crossover move. A double crossover is a move in which you deceive by making a fake move twice.
Suppose that you transfer the ball from left hand to right hand for deceiving your opponent. Normally, you would return the ball back to left and drive ahead. However, the defendants too are used to such fake movements.
You might need a special move like the double crossover to actually fox your opponents. In such cases, i.e., when you sense that the opponent is expecting a normal crossover, deceive him with a double crossover. In most cases, the opponent's mind is not prepared for a double crossover. However, use this move only a few times to surprise the defendants.

Killer Crossover

The killer crossover is a bit different from both the normal and double crossover moves. The acts of dribbling, deceiving and driving remain the same from the mentioned moves. However, the difference lies in how you maneuver the ball.
In the killer crossover move, ball is transferred from one hand to other from under the legs. This act of yours confuses the opponent even more. It becomes difficult for the opponent to track the movement of ball. You can make the best use of such a situation and score points. It is therefore, one of the best ways to dribble.


In the half-crossover move, you don't move the ball from one hand to the other; instead, the ball is taken from one hand to the chest and reversed back. This move is as deceptive as the double crossover.

Behind the Back Crossover

In this crossover move, the ball is transferred from one hand to the other behind the back. The defendant cannot see the movement of ball and therefore, finds it difficult to intercept it.
The crossover moves are an important part of devising strategies and piercing the opponent's defense. Since you need to concentrate on the movements of your opponents, the dribbling has to be done without looking at the ball.
Doing a killer (transferring the ball between legs) crossover move is not easy. It requires a great amount of practice and skills to dribble as well as deceive the players from opposition. The information here gives an overview of the different crossover moves. You would find it interesting to learn all these moves and use them in your basketball matches.