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Amazingly Simple and Energetic Basketball Drills for Girls

Basketball Drills for Girls
We have all been intrigued by the game of basketball. Here are some basketball drills for girls to get them bouncing and springing with energy and sincere tact, to handle themselves and the ball on the court, and gain baskets! Dribble your way through here.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Basketball Outdoor
Basketball is one of the most pleasurable and taxing games. Well, I say pleasurable, because, basketball gives you an adrenaline rush that gets your heart pumping and pulse racing. When I call basketball a taxing game, I mean the game requires you to pump in energy boosting blocks that help you play the game with complete candor, conviction, and strength right till the end. Basketball, apart from being a game that has garnered immense repute in its domain, lays the foundation for impeccable discipline and competitive team spirit. A basketball drill is the primary stepping stone to get your ball dribbling and landing into the basket every time you shoot. The following sections in the article are sure to foster a detailed comprehension of why drills are deemed essential. After all, we do have some NBA stars in the nascency, don't we?
Basic Basketball Drills for Girls
Conducting basketball drills are bound to promote concentration while playing the game under immense pressure. They must understand how to deal with the ball, and the team during the game. Here are simple drills that will serve to be of great help, coaching the girls to play better.
Basket Races
Coach Giving Instructions
This one is suitable for the girls' basketball team. Make two groups and assign the girls into those groups. You must assign the girls in such a manner that there are equal number of girls in both teams. Now, position the girls from both the teams opposite each other. Delegate a number to each one of them in both the teams; for instance, if there are 20 girls in total, and you have assigned 10 girls each in a group, you could assign numbers 1-10 to each, in one team and repeat the numbering in the other team. In this way, each girl will have an opponent by the same number in the opposite team. Being the coach, you could call out one number; say number 3. Now, the team members from both the teams who have been delegated number 3, will take one ball each, placed in the middle of the court, run and dribble the ball and shoot the ball in their respective basket. The one who scores the basket first, bags one point for her team. Once she has 'got the basket', she should dribble back and join her group, placing the ball in the center of the court. This will teach the girls how to dribble. The coach must encourage the team players to cheer for their respective players; thereby, facilitating the main purpose of increasing concentration and getting them to perform effectively without being distracted by the constant screeches and screams; that being an integral part of basketball.
Dribbling Flexibility
Player Dribbling the ball
This is an elementary drill for girls. Start by dribbling the ball with your right hand; however, make sure that your palm does not handle the ball. Only your fingers must indulge in direct contact with the ball.
While dribbling, stretch out your arm slightly; your arm must be right-angled. While dribbling practice sessions, the player must be aware that there is active wrist movement involved. As you dribble, continue to stretch your arm, until your arm can extend no further. Repeat the drill with the other hand. This is, indeed an easy drill; however, it builds concentration and improves dribbling.
Speed Drills
Girls practicing basketball
The girls' basketball drills involve yet another exciting practice session. In this, all girls form a circle around the coach. Ensure that each girl has a basketball. The coach must have a soft ball. Now, the coach calls out the name of one girl and throws the soft ball in one direction. The girl needs to run and catch the soft ball. Meanwhile, the girls in the circle will start to dribble their respective ball far away from her and as fast as they can. When the girl is able to catch the soft ball, she takes three steps further to the girl she is closer to, in proximity, and hits the soft ball. If the soft ball hits the target, the girls interchange their places and exchange the balls. If the girl fails to hit her target, she positions herself in the middle of the circle. This is, indeed, a vigorous, and exciting drill for beginners, enhancing their dribbling skills in the process.
Maze Drills
Basketball Team
This session is yet another interesting one. Well, it is called maze drill. The maze drill is meant to develop skills of ball handling. The maze drill, also known as dribbling drill, is good for beginners. In this, the coach is supposed to place cones a few feet apart. Now, he asks the players to dribble the ball with their right hand and move towards the first cone. The player now dribbles the basketball with the left hand and navigates to the next cone that is placed a few feet ahead. They should continue the same way till they reach the finishing line where the last cone is placed. You must ensure that they use each hand alternatively to dribble the ball.
Double Dribble Drills
This is the ultimate drill for kids. In this, the players are asked to dribble two balls simultaneously for a few minutes. This builds their level of concentration. It also serves to be the perfect warm-up exercise.
So, here is your chance to propagate basketball drills. It is an accurate foundation you could equip your players with. Don't think twice, just embark upon these basic drills, and dribble the ball with energy, zest, and determination. Power to you girl!