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Basketball Exercises

Exercises to Build Endurance and Flexibility While Playing Basketball

Exercises are essential for basketball players to maintain endurance, strength, and flexibility. Here are some that are very useful.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2019
A physically demanding sport that basketball is, players have to be on their toes all the time. They have to be constantly working on their fitness and honing their basketball skills.
Thanks to the umpteen exercises and drills, those who are seriously pursuing this sport, can maintain their fitness levels. Where there is a will, there is a way.
Sprint in the Step
The sprint is the most common drill for basketball players. Here, the coach asks the players to stand at the baseline below the hoop. The players then run, not sprint, to the foul line.
Basketball foul shot
As soon as they reach the foul line, they are supposed to bend down and touch the line, and then sprint back to the baseline. Likewise, they sprint to the opposite foul line and go back to the original spot, then sprint to the opposite baseline, and go back after touching that line.
Step Over the Box
Stretching after jogging
Get hold of any box, bench, or even a step, which would be same as a chair. It should be sturdy enough and heavy to support your weight. Stand to the left of it. Step on the box with your right leg, and step back to get into your original position.
Change sides and step with your left foot and back in the original position. This is one of those exercises which can be easily done at home too.
Hopping in a Line
Again, if you are focusing on working on your jumps and getting them better, try out this one. A straight line is drawn on the ground, or a piece of tape can be used
Street basketball player performing power slum dunk
The players then stand on either side of this line, and hop horizontally back and forth. If they want more bounce in their step, they jump slightly higher over the line. They also focus more on rhythm and smoothness, instead of speed.
Stretch It
Beautiful brunette woman on a seafront wearing sports clothes
While doing this quad stretch, players stand straight and take a step forward. Then, they reach up with both hands, followed by pushing their hips forward, and then lean back. Finally, they lean away from the back leg.
A La Skater
If you are planning to work on your quads, doing this exercise would be really effective. The player has to keep 2 cones, maximum 3 steps apart. Then, he will stand behind one, with the other cone on his side, at a distance of a few steps.
He jumps sideways to the other cone (the one on his side), and lands on one foot. This is followed by pushing off with the same foot as he returns to the first cone. Here though, he will land on the opposite foot. A player doing this correctly will look like a speed skater.
Jumps to Glory
Here, the player jumps as high as he can. However, emphasis is on hopping and getting height with the help of the ankles. The knees and hips are almost locked, and all the propelling movement is aided totally by the ankles. The focus is completely on bouncing off the ground.
Any exercise which make you flexible, helps you better your game and polish your skills, is the best.