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Basketball Shooting Tips That'll Help You Shoot Like a Pro

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi May 10, 2019
It is an understatement that shooting is an important aspect in the game of basketball. Here are some useful tips that will help improve your shots.
We always see the great players performing some amazing shots and scoring points. They make it look so simple, but there is years of hard work and practice behind their talent. Shooting is one of the most important skills that you should master, because, at the end of the game, it is the number of points that you score for you team that matter the most.

Locate the Basket

Locate your basket or rim just a second before you are about to shoot the ball. This gives your mind more time to make a judgment that will end in a successful shot. Your eyes should locate the rim or the basket as you are moving closer to make the shot.

Maintain Your Follow Through

Every player hears this phrase a million times from his coach, but still doesn't follow it. Maintaining your follow through resolves many problems. It is a simple, yet effective tip, that helps you maintain a good balance without you even realizing it.

Score the Point with a Floppy Wrist

This is one of the most common mistakes that all players make while scoring a point. Keep your wrists as relaxed as possible while attempting a shot.

Colored Basketball

While practicing, always use a colored basketball. It improves the straightness of the shot. A colored basketball makes it easier to see the rotation and direction of the ball.

Never Shoot the Ball Like a Famous Player

Never copy any famous player while shooting. Most youngsters try to mimic Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. Trust me, it's not going to lead you anywhere, and you'll just end up missing many shots.

Don't Think Too Much During the Game

It is one of the most stupidest things that players do. Never think about your shot while you are in a game. Do that during practice; it's alright to think during a shooting session. During a game, just concentrate on your game and go with the rhythm.

Watch Some DVDs

Watch games that include great players over and over again. You can never stop learning. Also, read some books, and watch some good shooting DVDs to get different ideas.

Line Your Shot Alignment

Spend quality time during each practice session, practicing along a court line back and forth. Keep trying to bounce the ball as close to the line as possible. This easy technique will help you improve the exactness of your shot.

Land in the Same Spot

Balance is given utmost importance in basketball. Most players achieve the required balance by proper posture and footwork. After your shot, try to land at the same place where you started from.

Film Your Shoots

Many players haven't seen themselves shooting, and when they actually do, they are clearer on the mistakes they commit. Seeing your own shots will also motivate you to improve your game.

Include a Return Device in Your Practice

Practicing with some return devices can actually double the number of shots you take in practice. Normally, we waste a lot of time while chasing the ball. A return device solves that problem, and lets you attempt more shots in lesser time.

Keep the Ball Above Your Waist

Always keep the ball above your waist when you catch hold of it. Never dip the ball.

Keep a Track Chart of Your Shots

During a practice session, shoot a minimum of 50 shots. Ask your partner to keep a track chart of your shots. This way, you will understand how many shots were long, short, and fell to the left or right. This detailed information will help you keep note of the mistakes that you are making, which will help you to improve.
Never fall for commercial gimmicks such as shooting gloves. These things help in no way. Practice is the key, and you can get yourself a coach if you are serious about making a mark in this game.