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Beginners' Guide to Paddle Boarding

Joe Parker Nov 11, 2019
Paddle boarding has become very popular in recent years. More and more people are taking an interest in this new breed of water sport. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of newbies of paddle boarding, here are a few tips that can help make the learning process easier.

Choose the right SUP Board for Yourself

A suitable stand up paddle board can make learning how to paddle much easier. There are various sizes of boards and the width is important.
A board that's too wide or too narrow could make paddle boarding very uncomfortable for you. As a beginner, an inflatable SUP board would be sufficient. Inflatables are cheaper and more durable than hardboards.

How to Paddle Efficiently

Paddle for 5 to 7 times and then switch to another side. When you need to turn the board, move to the back of the board to allow room for the front to turn. And then start your stroke from the back of your board toward the front to start turning around.

Fall Correctly

Falling is basically inevitable for a rookie paddler. It's important that you don't hurt yourself when you fall. Avoid hitting the board when you fall, especially when you use a hardboard because they are tough.
The risk of hurting yourself when falling would be lower if you use an inflatable SUP board. Also, attach the leash on the board to your leg.

Start in the Right Place

In the beginning, you might have a hard time balancing on the board, so it's suggested you paddle on flat water. It'll help make balancing easier for you.
Avoid whitewater since it could be very dangerous, even for skilled paddlers. Also, bring a friend or find a rather crowded place so when you need help, there will be people there to help you.

Kneel When You Can’t Balance

It's okay to kneel when you can't keep yourself upright on the board standing.
Some people might have a high center of gravity so it's totally normal to have problem balancing in the beginning. When you encounter problems like this, take things slow and start by kneeling on the board.