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Billiards Tips and Techniques

Billiards Tips and Techniques

If you are an aspiring billiards player, scroll down to know how to use the cue stick in the best possible way.
Medha Godbole
Every game has its set of rules and regulations, and they have to be followed. Billiards is no exception to this rule. Then there is the style of the masters of the game which gives a whole new dimension to these rules. Of course, they do not bend the rules, but they play so well, that it might lead to forming a new rule! I think the secret of their success lies in the intricate and minute techniques of the game they have imbibed in themselves. Billiards is a cue sport, where balls are hit on a table with a cue stick, with the intention of pocketing them. This article is dedicated to those who want some tips, and take a 'cue' from them.

Tips for Playing Billiards

Here are some basic tips.
  • Develop, if possible, a pre-shot routine, which will ensure that you get the same lineup every time.
  • Considering that you are right-handed, the angle between your upper and lower arm should be 90 degrees at the point of contact of the cue tip with the ball.
  • This is very minute but important―your right foot should be exactly below your right hand.
  • Throughout a stroke, the bridge hand, the right wrist, and the right shoulder should all be in the same line―the same vertical plane.
  • Keep the cue as level as you can, even though the ball is close to the rail. This is because, if the cue is elevated, the path of the ball could get curved.
  • Get your own cue if you are a regular player, and maintain the equipment well.
  • Chalking your cue stick tip prior to every shot is important.
  • Apply chalk to the outer part of the tip.
  • Accelerate the cue in a forward motion smoothly.
Okay, now you are all good at easy shots, and know the basics well. You need to go ahead with some advancement in your game.
  • Divide your shooting action in stages, and get a crystal clear idea of the desired position of ball after the shot, and how you get there prior to taking a shot.
  • Determine the needed spin, or rather the tip position and speed of the ball, and then go ahead with the shot.
  • Improve your range of shots, and add different skills to your arsenal.
  • Try to play against stronger and better opponents―you get to learn a lot about the game, and in the process, pick up some important tips.
Now is the time to go full monty.
  • Practice, practice, and practice! It is the best method for achieving perfection.
  • As mentioned earlier, play against better players, and watch the masters and their game minutely. It will do wonders for your game.
  • Your grip determines your shot to a large extent. Therefore, check your grip and make it as loose as possible.
  • The grip should resemble you are holding a bird in your hand.
  • Freeze after the shot, and see if the tip moved a lot farther way past the ball position.
  • Also, analyze if your cue is aimed straight towards the target, or does it go either to the left or right at the end.
  • After hitting the ball, the tip should dive down in the direction of the table, if it is a correct stroke. It should not be pointing parallel to the table, or even upward, for that matter.
What you need is practice, and the game should always be on your mind, if you are aiming towards becoming a professional.
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