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A Brief Explanation of all the Equipment and Tools Used in Boxing

Boxing Equipment Explained
Boxing equipment consists of many things like different types of bags, stands, power hands, and bag sets. There exist a myriad of glove types for this sport, that can be differentiated as per their features. This article tells you more...
Abhay Burande
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Equipment Used in Boxing
Ireland Country Pride Heavy Bag
This is manufactured from patented synthetic leather. All seams are sewn from nylon and double stitched. D-ring tabs are reinforced triple times for stability and durability. A special blended filler absorbs impact and adds resiliency.
Heavy Bag Stand with Adjustable Speed Bag Platform
This is made from 2⅜-inch tubular powder coated steel. Also, there is a 24-inch wooden speed bag platform. There is a shortened base that provides unrestricted access to the speed bag. Screw-down plates are used for solid floor mounting.
TKO Boxing Training Set
This includes a pair of bag gloves, a mesh carrying bag, two leather focus targets, and a jump rope. This set is a great starters-kit for boxing enthusiasts.
Johnny Sockitomee
  • There is a flex neck collar that provides maximum flexibility and resilience to absorb the impact of punishing blows.
  • It has a sturdy base that holds up to 24 gallons of water.
  • The high-density base is rounded for an easy roll-away.
  • The nevatear outer shell overcomes mildew and wipes clean with a damp cloth.
Brain Pad Pro+Plus
  • Upper and lower bite channels.
  • Double mouth guard.
  • Strap and strapless mouth guard with two straps.
Power hands
  • This is manufactured from high-quality and washable Nubuck leather.
  • The Terry-lined palm provides additional padding and protection.
  • The design is fingers-free, and decreases heat and moisture buildup. There is an absence of the bulky feel as compared to other gloves.
  • A wide 2-inch cuff secures the wrists in a safe and ergonomic position while training.
6-piece Speed Bag Set
  • This has extremely durable powder-coated enamel brackets.
  • Vinyl bag gloves.
  • Nylon jump rope.
  • One pair of natural color hand wraps.
  • Upgraded plastic swivel.
  • 24-inch, smoothly furnished, adjustable, and wooden drum. 
Types of Boxing Gloves
The main use of gloves is to safeguard the knuckles of the fighter. Nowadays, extra padding is used that coerces the boxers to input extra strategy, rather than use pure brute force. Given below are some types of gloves used in this sport.
Practice Boxing Gloves
  • Elastic wrist furnishes a secure fit, and there is no necessity of laces.
  • High-density foam is both lightweight and shock-absorbing.
  • Tied thumbs.
  • Cotton-fiber cushioned grip for additional contact.
Laceup Boxing Gloves
  • Comfortable fit with handwraps.
  • Laces for a tight, professional fit.
  • Ideal for sparring, cardio programs, or simply practicing on the bag.
  • Soft-cell foam for superior protection and comfort.
Bag Gloves
  • Soft-cell foam for superior protection and comfort.
  • Ideal for use on speed bags, heavy bags, double-end bags or focus mitts.
  • Good for power training and speed.
  • Powertek material construction for durability.

Fight Boxing Gloves

French style full contact fight gloves with a wide elastic closing.
Boxing Sports Gloves
Sparing glove with padding at the palm area. A short hook and loop wrist closing for easy on and off.
Punching Boxing Gloves
Super sparring gloves specially devised for the modern game, and has thick padding at the back and extra padding at the palms to absorb kicks while training for Thai boxing.
Boxing Bag Gloves
All-time favorite sparring gloves manufactured with extra cushions on the inside for hand comfort and a snug fit.
Leather Boxing Gloves
Professional fighting glove with multiple-layer rubber padding, lace style, and extra piece foam for added comfort.
Training Boxing Gloves
Heavy hitter lace-up training boxing gloves with soft, extra-thick high-density rubber padding for the gloves.
Focus Mitts
  • Full hand pocket.
  • Wrist wrap and adjustable buckle.
  • Shock-absorbing foam.
  • Useful for boxing, kickboxing, boxing aerobics, or MA needs.
Boxing Headgear
  • Rubber padding which absorbs shock.
  • Thickly-padded with cheek protection.
  • Designed protection and durability with velcro closure.
  • Adjustable.

  • Reinforced loops.
  • Laceup for easy bladder removal.
  • Triple-stitched seams to ensure quality and durability.
  • 9 inches in size.
  • Lined for additional durability.

Depending on the type of boxing and your training routine, you need to choose the right gear to suit your needs.
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