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Fundamental Lessons in Boxing Every Beginner Should Not Miss

Boxing for beginners is primarily about getting into that groove and developing that killer instinct. Pack the perfect punch with the help of the article below.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
If you thought being a Muhammad Ali or Evander Holyfield was as easy as a video game, it surely isn't. Throwing a few punches here and there, ducking to avert the opponent's punch, is not boxing. There is a lot more to this sport than just that. It is an art as well as science. For those who have just ventured into this field, this is the cardinal rule to keep in mind while learning boxing. Punch with your brain and put your heart in it, to get it right. Complicated? Never mind, here is something to help you.
To begin with, if boxing is what you want to do, then a lot of hard work, mental, and physical conditioning is required. If you are not mentally fit, you cannot fight with the opponent, even with the best of jabs and hooks in your arsenal. Boxing lessons generally include basic footwork, punches, and perhaps a few defense techniques.
Key Stone: The Stance
The fight stance is the basic thing to be learned as a beginner. A perfect stance is the core foundation of boxing, on which everything else will be developed. In an ideal fight stance, your hands protect your face, your elbows and forearms protect the body, and your shoulders block punches to your chin. For those who are right-handed, your stance will be with your right foot behind the left, shoulder-width apart.
The Jab Job
Once you perfect the stance, the jab comes next. The jab is one of the first punches which are taught in boxing. A setup punch for combination punches and a defensive punch, it is crucial for your boxing prowess. To do a jab, take a step forward with your left foot. Then extend your left arm simultaneously. The power has to come from the shoulder in the punch.
One, Two, I Will Buckle You!
After you master the jab, there is the basic one-two combination of punches. That involves a jab, followed by a swift cross. The cross is a punch which will need you to transfer your weight to your left foot, and pivot off your back (right) foot after your left jab. Now after this, ensure that you rotate your hips and extend your punch. Never whip your entire body around, because, it will result in loss of balance. The jab will distract the opponent, and then the cross can knock him out, if done correctly.
Standing Guard
Getting the proper guard is important. This is directly related to your stance. If you are right-handed, your hand should be tucked in the ribs, and the fist should be as close to the chin as possible. The other hand has to be extended a bit ahead in front of you, in the line of your shoulder. This is your basic guard position, which is very very important. Be it a proper bout or a training routine, you just cannot sidestep this aspect of boxing.
But we are not done yet! We still have to deliver a knockout punch.
  • Physical training and sweating it out will have no alternatives.
  • Be firmly grounded while throwing punches.
  • Be patient and avoid overexertion.
  • The punching technique and footwork has to be mastered thoroughly, before you get the power and innovations.
  • Maintaining the guard position throughout a bout is essential.
  • Sparring and shadow boxing is very important, along with other types of workouts.
  • Watch the seniors and stalwarts a lot. You learn a lot from the old war horses, you know!
Practicing punches on a speed bag and punching bag after you have got the basic punches in order, is vital to improve your boxing. In case you think you need to get into shape, do that, you will fell better, you will be energetic and up and coming.
Also try some techniques like meditation or yoga, which will help you develop mental strength and endurance. Oh, and boxing means a lot of practice. Physical training, coupled with meditation and the like, will be a perfect combination to land that perfect punch, or else there will be chinks in your armor.