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Best Boxing Workouts

Medha Godbole Nov 6, 2018
Boxing workouts aid boxers or wanna be boxers to hone their boxing skills. Read on to know more.
It's the ordeal and 'fistful' fate of a boxer to get punched, but also pack a few of those to the opponent. As is public knowledge, boxing ain't for the faint hearted, you throw a punch, you should be ready to take a blow yourself.
It is an old school sport having one on one format, which is perhaps the reason why many people do not go for it. Those who went by, that hard way, like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and so on, did not however, achieve what they did, without working out. What is going to come next is regarding that for the boxing amateurs and aficionados!

Good Workouts for Boxers

Starting Off

Well, even if it is a professional he would not directly move to throwing punches. Every workout commences with sweat-inducing and high intensity warm up. So, to begin with, use a jumping rope to jump but alternate your feet.
When this exercise is done accurately, it appears as if you are jogging through the rope instead of jumping with the rope at every rotation. 5 minutes of this is advised for developing good speed and agility.

Jump to Glory

This is a classic exercise, which is used by boxers to enhance the speed of their footwork. Their arms too are given a free workout. Workouts for beginners often involve this warm up exercise.

Bag the Punches

Now, a boxer is warmed up enough. Now the time is good to get into some real action. Considering that an individual knows the basic punches like jab, cross, hook, and straight, practice these punches on a heavy bag. This will help you improve in striking with power. This can be done at home as well.
You may not be aiming to become a professional, but packing punches on punching bag can always help you develop strength and endurance. Then after heavy bag, consider punching on speed bag to improve the speed of throwing punches.

Ball Bearing

In case you are still not warmed up enough, medicine ball exercises are a good way to do that. Keep a basic boxing stance during the exercise and push the ball off the chest with a shove motion. Here you have to catch and throw the ball with a partner.

Power Punching

According to boxing experts, once the body is warmed up, the punches should be thrown full blast. So, determine a specific number of minutes and then as you go ahead each round, keep on adding a punch to the series of punches.
Start with 50% of power punching the bag. Then slowly unleash your full power and get the jabs going. Then do a jab, throw a cross and do it for a few minutes. Take rest for a minute and then add hook to the earlier sequence. Do that for a few minutes again. Then add uppercut and body punch following the same pattern of rest and punching intervals.

Shadow Boxing

The best workouts cannot be complete without shadow boxing. Shadow boxing involves a boxer standing facing a wall with a source of light coming in. The boxer then throws punches at his shadow. Practice all the offensive and defensive boxing moves. This applies to women as well.


Well, shadow does not hit back, a real individual can do and does. All those aiming for professional and competitive boxing therefore indulge in a lot of sparring. Sparring gives you an idea as to how the scene is in the boxing rink. Great you could be transforming the punching bag into a smoothie!
However, that is of no use if you can't translate those punches onto an opponent in the rink. Punching bag too does not hit back! So, sparring is boxing with a partner and doing all those quintessential boxing moves.
As you progress in your training, the workouts would be more demanding and the duration of punching rounds would also increase. It would further be a good idea to get used to the sound of the bell when training solo! How challenging your workout is depends on whether it is your hobby or you want to pursue it as a career.
It is important to work with a seasoned trainer. He would guide you well and then you are sure to pack those punches in full glory!