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These are the Perfect Clothes to Pack for a Cheerleading Camp

Clothes to Pack for a Cheerleading Camp
Wondering what kind of clothes to pack for your cheerleading camp? The following article suggests some useful tips on appropriate clothes, shoes and accessories. Read on...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Cheerleading camps are all about participating in physical activities like dancing, cheering, tumbling, performing routines, etc. As they involve so much hard work, it's important that all cheerleaders carry appropriate clothing along, to these camps, which is lightweight as well as comfortable. At the same time, the clothes should be interesting looking and well-coordinated, so as to bring out the "team spirit" of the cheerleading squad.
Cheerleading Camp Wear
Usually, all the squad members are given information packets, in which relevant instructions pertaining to their clothes, uniforms and shoes is provided. So accordingly, one should pack clothes for the camp. The uniform that you are required to wear, while performing at the camp, depends entirely on your coach. Usually, if the camp is small, cheap clothes might be organized for the squad to wear for the performance. The logic behind this is to save expensive uniform for a major event.
T-shirts and Shorts
T-shirts are a cool, casual, comfortable wear, which are a must have at the camp. Count the number of days that you are in for the camp and carry two T-shirts per day. You would need these many T-shirts as in all probability, you would sweat a lot! Your school T-shirt is a must during the camp, which all the squad members can wear together to identify themselves as a team. Besides this, carry along some fun T-shirts as well, such as those which simply reads "cheers" or a T-shirt which has "We are the best" written on it. These slogans are a fun way to show your attitude and confidence as a squad, to the other teams! Although, it's not a hard and fast rule, yet, some squads do have coordinated shorts. So, check with your coach if they are being provided to you. If not, buy a few comfortable pair of shorts yourself, which you can wear during your practice sessions.
Pack your undergarments after a lot of consideration. Carry two sports bra per day as you would be wearing them while carrying on various kinds of physical activities. You would need a few regular bras and underwear too. If the camp is more than a week, do not forget to carry your swimsuit.
Other Funky Clothes
Cheerleading camps are also a place to make your own unique fashion statement! So, get some colorful chic sweatshirts, tank tops, hoodies, capris, pajamas and cotton pants, mix and match these, and come up with your own unique style of clothing! These days tie and dye clothes are becoming quite a rage, so include a few unique T-shirts, skirts and pajamas which have been beautified with this technique.
Carry two pairs of socks for each day that you spend at the camp. Pom poms, bows, bags (which have your team's name on it) are some other things to pack along with your clothes, to have your own little fun there!
You would also need a separate pair of shoes. These shoes should be similar to those that you wear for dancing. Gym and aerobic shoes are a tad different and should not be ideally worn for your cheerleading routine. In short, carry two different pair of shoes - one for exercising and one for cheerleading. For the camp, it would be better if you carry a pair of flip-flops as well, which you can wear to the showers. If you are worried that your shoes might get dirty, take a pair of sandals along and immediately switch to them, once your practice is over.
With the above given suggestions, I don't think that now you would have any problem packing your clothes. One last tip before I sign off - keep your clothing smart and stylish, but never too revealing! A camp is not a fashion ramp! Keep the motive behind your attending the camp in mind, when you set out shopping for your clothes, shoes and accessories.
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