Boost User Engagement Through Guest Blogging

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We accept guest blog posts, in a fast-loading, visual storytelling format that's poised to be the future of the web - AMP Stories. It lets you create immersive, tap-through stories for the users.

Powered by Google's AMP technology, these Visual Stories are mobile-focused, search engine-friendly and user-first. They have rich visuals and crisp content, due to which readers find them easy to consume and fun to browse. If you wish to guest blog in the stories format, you are at the right place. Sign up with us and create AMP Stories your users will love.

So what if you are a beginner? In this content format, even you can create stories. One simple way is to put together pictures of a sports event you went for, and wrap them into a visual story. If you are a professional writer, you can start a sports blog and submit your posts as stories. And if you are a content marketer, you should channel your marketing effort in the right direction by creating promotional content in the AMP Stories format.