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Disc Golf Throwing Techniques

Shashank Nakate Nov 17, 2018
Disc golf, which is also referred to frisbee golf, is a game wherein the player needs to throw a flying disc in the basket. Here is some information on some of the basic disc golf throwing techniques.
The game of Disc golf is similar to golf. The hole used as a target in golf, is replaced by a basket in this game. The objective of the game is to place the disc in the basket with minimum possible number of throws. The game can be played by people of all age groups.
The different techniques used for throwing frisbees include the backhand, forehand, and overhand. The backhand is the most commonly used.


The backhand includes a series of steps. They are explained here.


It is the first step to start with. In this step, the player gets into the position to release the frisbee. The body is positioned sideways, on the left, if the right hand is used to throw and vice versa.

Reach Back

In this step, the person rotates his hand backwards and gets ready. The reach back helps to generate power for the release. When a player reaches back, care should be taken to keep the head steady.


The pull-through is the action of releasing. The arm should be maintained parallel to the ground during a pull-through. The accuracy depends largely on how the arm moves through the air.


Though the frisbee is released from the hand during the pull-through, the follow-through is also an important step. The momentum of the pull-through action could break, if the follow-through is not completed properly. The force applied is reduced if the momentum is broken.


This step is as important as any other step. During this step, the player tries to maintain the balance of the body. After the follow-through, there is a chance of the player losing his balance. To counter the forward force, the player swings his leg in a circular manner.
These given steps are a part of the 'driving' technique. For midrange throws and putts, the force applied should be reduced.


In this style, quickness and finesse are required more than just raw power. If too much force is applied, the frisbee may flip over.
Thus, to reduce the force, the body rotation during a reach back should be minimized. Instead of aiming at the target directly, the disc should be hurled slightly to the right. The frisbee curls in mid-air to the left and reaches the target. This technique can be mastered with practice.


It is difficult to master putts, however, with enough practice one should be able to putt accurately. The effect of air on the trajectory should be considered during a putt. The frisbee is propelled either by holding it flat to the ground or in a 'nose down' position.
During the release, it should be lofted up.
Instead of applying muscle power, weight shifting is the key here. While releasing, the fingers should be used like a spring. This process resembles the action of shooting a dart.
All these styles can be mastered over time through practice and proper understanding of the game. One can also learn the advanced techniques, once the accuracy and skills improve.