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Fastpitch Softball Drills

Easy Fastpitch Softball Drills That Beginners Will Surely Enjoy

Fastpitch softball drills are interesting and fun and they help the players sharpen their softball skills. These drills have become very common what with this game getting more and more popular. Read on to know more.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2019
Softball, as quite a few amongst you must be knowing, is a game which has directly evolved and is a descendant of baseball. Just like baseball, it is very popular in the USA and is gaining popularity in other parts of the world as well.
Nevertheless, there are a few differences though amongst the two. Softball is played with a larger ball and the pitch is delivered underhand. However, just like baseball or any other sport, the players have training drills. If you are one of those, here are a few fastpitch drills.
Up Close and Personal
Well, this is actually a drill which can be referred to as in close. The purpose is to cultivate a quick response to the ball. In this the hitter stands around 30 feet from the machine. The machine will be set to pitch at usual speed at a normal distance.
What the hitter has to do is that he or she should react immediately in response to the ball and use the normal swing. The focus and emphasis should be on getting the bat out as quickly as possible. This is an easy drill for beginners for improving their swing and hitting the ball.
Running Home
One of those fun drills, the purpose is to conclude the session on a good and spirited note. Four bases, bucket full of softball, some cones or a fence is what a coach will need.
The three bases have to be placed, around 5 to 8 feet apart in a straight line in the direction of the second base. The trick is that each base represents the home page. Older players normally consider the base farthest from the second base as home plate. Now what happens is that players take their positions for fielding.
Then a predetermined number of pitches are delivered by the coach. A batter scores a home run if he or she hits the ball over the fence and an extra swing as well.
Corner It
This drill is meant to improve a player's pitching skills and for developing control and accuracy in pitching. Here, a pitcher throws to the four extreme corners of the strike zone. After attaining the desired accuracy at a single spot, the player moves on to the next.
A target on the wall or a catcher have to be there. Every time the pitcher changes the spot, he or she is going to have to adjust her body angle from a normal stance. For instance, a player will need to turn his or her toe on the rubber approximately half an inch out or in from the position used for pitching to the middle of the plate.
Bunting it Down
Bunting is a very crucial tactic to get a few quick runs and this drill is meant precisely for that. A player takes up position in the batter's box, while the others are in infield positions. A runner stays at third. Then, the pitcher throws the ball, to which the batter responds by bunting towards the third base.
Consequently the base runner shoots off the third base as soon as the ball is released. The third baseman has to collect the ball and throw it to the first. Meanwhile the base runner breaks for home as the third baseman throws the ball.
Hand in (No) Gloves
Fielding is as important as striking and thus, the drill which is going to be mentioned is exactly for that. Here we are going to check out how to field without the glove. It involves players to run with bare hands or using a board which is specially meant for this. The players can field the balls rolled to them or balls hit towards them by the coach.
Amongst fastpitch drills for girls, this one is very good for fielding. Once you can master fielding without the glove, you can easily do it with a glove.
There are many more such drills and the list is almost close to being endless, because the more the coaches, the more innovations and consequently more number of drills!