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How to Throw Fastpitch in Softball

Suketu Mehta Nov 18, 2018
Want to learn how to fast pitch a softball? Read on to know about fastpitch mechanics and drills.
Being able to fast pitch in softball is definitely an achievement. It takes a lot of control, accuracy and strength to throw a fast pitch. Many young girls want to learn this trick to add an invaluable asset to their game. You can read the pitching mechanics and drills discussed here to learn the fast pitch.

Fastpitch Mechanics

Step 1

To start with, hold the ball keeping two or three fingers making a horseshoe shape on the ball. The number of fingers depend on the size of your hand. Larger the hand, lesser number of fingers are required to hold and control the ball.

Step 2

Place your stronger foot on the pitcher's plate, with your toe going a little bit over the plate. The other foot needs to be rested on the plate in a manner that its toe lies along the back edge. Distance between both feet should be just less than your shoulder width. Getting the stance right is extremely essential to get your balance right while pitching.

Step 3

You should stand in such a manner where your arms are lying by your sides, and your stomach is facing in the direction of the catcher.
You also need to raise the heel of your back foot in the air, and balance all your weight on your stronger foot. This is your ideal position before you throw the ball.

Step 4

To throw the ball, start moving your arms back and forth, all the while transferring your body weight on the back foot. When you are bringing your arms forward, make sure you bring the glove and ball ahead together. This way you will prevent the batsman from having a look at the ball.
Start rotating your pitching arm in a perfect circle, while your hand with the glove on should be pointing in the direction of the catcher's glove. Release the ball when your arm is at the hip and give it a firm snap with the wrist when it leaves your hand. Your body should face the catcher when you are done.

Fastpitch Drills to Practice

Speed Circles

To perform the speed circle drill, the pitcher should get into a stride position. Keeping the shoulders relaxed, the pitcher should rotate her arm thrice, as fast as possible, and release the ball. This will help improve and raise her arm speed. The other hand which has a glove should be in line with the target and be at shoulder height.
This drill should be done 10 times in one go. For the first 10 times, the pitcher must rotate her arm thrice before releasing the ball. The next 10 should have 2 rotations, and the last ten should have only a single rotation. If the pitcher feels any pain in her arms, she should stop at once and continue after relaxing for a while.

Wall Throwing

For this drill, you should stand as near to a wall as possible so that you can throw the ball with a complete motion. Rotate your arm as you would while pitching normally and throw the ball onto the wall. Try and throw as fast as you can.
Since you are pitching close to the wall, you will stay aggressive and prompt. Put your whole effort and power in the pitch. This drill will go a long way in improving speed and also improve your reaction time for balls hit back to you by the batter.
This drill should be done 5 pitches at a time. Start by throwing 5 pitches at your maximum speed, and move away a little distance. Pitch five more times and move further back. Keep doing this till you feel you are losing your quickness.

Walking Drill

You will require a mound for this drill. Place the mound on the ground and start with one step behind it, standing with both your feet together. Hold the ball in your pitching hand. Now, take a step onto the mound, rotate your arm, and throw the ball onto a wall or net.
The basic idea behind this drill is to carry on the momentum gained while taking the step for pitching. Do this drill 10 times. Mix this drill with the 'wall throwing' drill by performing them alternately, to get maximum benefits.
Before doing any of these drills, do a complete body warm up for about 20 minutes. Remember that it will take you some practice before you are able to consistently fastpitch the softball. Keep practicing regularly and give your best each time.