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Football for Kids

Shashank Nakate Nov 22, 2018
American football is a team game. Here are the basic rules of football along with descriptions of plays.
In a game of American football, there are two teams, with 11 players in each team. The length of the field is 100 yards. A solid foundation in terms of training should prepare young footballers to excel in this sport. The kids also need to be trained properly, so as to minimize injuries.

Football for Kids

To understand the game properly, players should be taught the basics. The objective in this game is to move the football down the field by passing and running. The attacking team is offered 4 chances for advancing the football by 10 yards. Crossing the goal line in either of the following ways can help score points.
In the touchdown goal, 6 points are scored by the team. Line of goal is crossed with ball on foot. A field goal is scored by kicking the ball into the goal. Three points are offered to the team that scores a field goal. After understanding the basic football rules, let's get into the details about some of the plays used in this sport.


T-formation involves the lining up of three running backs behind quarterback in a line parallel to the scrimmage line. Defense of the opposing team is attacked both by pass and run. Therefore, a versatile attack is the one in which the opposing team defense can be kept engaged.
In this attacking formation of football, there is an option for running sweeps. The receiver, three backs, and a tight end enables to hit passes.


This formation involves lining up of the fullback behind the quarterback. Running back is lined behind fullback. It is one of the best formations to be used for running the ball. Lining up of both the backs, i.e., running back and fullback behind the quarterback, proves to be advantageous. This makes it difficult for the opposing team to pass protect.


There are variations of the Wing-T formation. However, Delaware Wing-T is considered as standard. Passing and running can be carried out quite effectively in this versatile formation.
Lining up of the wingback is done on the outer side of the tight end. The side opposite to that of tight end is where the split end wide receiver gets positioned in this formation. Just behind the quarterback is the fullback. Positioning of the halfback is done on the weak side of fullback.

4-3 Defense

In this defensive football play, players need to line with 3 linebackers and 4 down linemen. Two tackles and 2 ends form the 4 down linemen. Out of the 3 linebackers, 2 are at the outside and 1 at the middle.
Linebackers at the outside, need to be quick on their foot. This enables them to cover passes at a fast pace. These linebackers also need to be strong and big enough to get through fullbacks and tight ends.

5-2 Defense

The football plays are run from 2 linebacker and 5 lineman position. This defense formation proves to be useful in countering the run of players from opposing team.
The game of football, which is also known as youth football, helps in making children agile. The players have to be quick in order to make aggressive moves in this sport. All this can be achieved by means of proper training.