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Football Running Back Drills

Dinesh Relwani Nov 20, 2018
In American football, running backs line up behind the offensive line, and receive the ball from the quarterback. Needless to say, they need to be very agile and swift at changing directions. This write-up provides some information on football running back drills.
A running back is a position of a player who plays American Football, similar to rugby. This particular position is meant for the player who usually stands and lines up in the offensive back field position. The player standing in this position plays a vital role and has to be a complete team man. He has to catch passes from the back field, rush, and block.
Counting the number of running backs in a particular team before the match begins, totally depends upon the formation set by the team captain and manager. Such a player can also play as a half back, tailback, or fullback.
The halfback position is one of the most crucial positions in the team, as the player standing there has to perform the maximum work, depending upon the situation of the game. He has to attack as well as defend. The player should be swift and agile to secure his position in the team.
Having a good running back is very important for any team. They need to be very strong, fast, and aggressive in their approach. Generally, the best athlete in the team is honored with this position.

Football Drills for Running Back Position

Ladder Drill

It helps the players to increase the strength in their legs, so that they can generate more power, speed, and increase their agility.
It is carried out by keeping the ladder on the ground and having to cross it by lifting the knees high and stepping on the empty spaces which are created after the ladder is kept on the ground.

Snake Run

It helps in strengthening the hip muscles and body balance. Cones are kept in such a way that the players overlap them in a zigzag manner. However, this has to be done at a rapid speed to reap its benefits.

Pass Wave

It helps in building the passing technique of the players, as spontaneous passing is involved in this type of training. The players have to continuously pass the ball to each other before the main catcher reaches it.

Bag Drill

It helps in taking the hand-off and hold on to the ball. Practice this technique from the left and the right side as per the coach's instructions. Make sure that the shoulders are down and the knees are up while performing it.

Fumble Training

It helps the players to keep the ball in possession and stay in upright contact. It helps to counter-tackle defenders.

Stumble Training

It helps the players to keep the ball in possession even when they are falling or being tackled. In this type of training, the coach teaches the players to switch the ball to the opposite arm during the fall.

Side Line Running

It helps in sharpening side line running skills. The runner has to take care of certain things like keeping the toes pointed up and field foot not crossing over. This training is only given to players associated with side line running.

Football Pitch

A group of players have to be aligned on a yard line with another line of running backs lined up in such a way that the two lines are a few yards apart. The ball should be given to the first person standing on the first line and he should jog in place while the first back on the other line starts running down the yard to receive the pitch.
As soon as the second player receives the pitch, he jogs in his place, while the first back receives the next pitch. This is continued until all of them reach the other side of the field.
Players have to put in a lot of effort to build credibility and technique.