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Football Tackling Drills

Certain drills are essential in football for players to hone their tackling skills. Without knowing how to tackle, a football player is as good food without salt.
Medha Godbole
American Football cannot be played without a certain amount of aggression. The end result? Well, a bruised eye, twisted limbs, temper perimandibular pain, and the like. Though, that does not happen in every match. Significant proof of aggression in this game is the amount of tackling that is done. Here are some tackling drills for your perusal.
Drill 1
This drill is called the goal line tackle. It is meant to teach defenders tackling the offensive players carrying the ball in high intensity situations. Players will need to be divided into 2 groups, and cones have to be placed on the goal line. These have to be around 5 yards apart. A defender will be placed on the line of scrimmage, and 3 yards away from him the ball carrier will be placed. The ball carrier will be instructed to make an attempt to score, and the defender has to stop him. Till the offensive player is not tackled, he is supposed to go towards the goal line.
Drill 2
The aim here is to alert the defender and not overrun or miss the ball carrier. The player who is going to tackle will move back 3 yards from his position. On the instructions of the coach, he will start creeping towards the runner with very short and quick strides. This will be done for simulating the process of slowing down, prior to the tackle. This is important so that the defender does not miss the ball carrier or overrun him. Followed by the short creep, which has to be done in a bent position and in an athletic stance, the player has to explode in the runner. Then the player tackling fires his arms in the armpits of the offensive player, while driving his knee up.
Drill 3
The coach divides the players for the defensive flank into 2 groups―offensive players or ball carriers, and defenders. The ball carriers are charged by the defenders, and they make an attempt to tackle them in a position which is called a fit position. This position is where the defenders use their chest or shoulders, with the head up. This technique needs the player defending to have a shoulder-width stance, and wrap his arms around the offensive player carrying the ball. This helps tacklers get the hang of correct tackling.
Drill 4
The defender takes a running start and drives full blast into the dummy with his shoulder, prior to driving it up in the air and wrapping it up. The player then turns the dummy for driving it down on its side. This is a good drill for young footballers to understand how to get full power and strength behind them while driving, and to finish the tackle. Moreover, it is not just to finish the tackle, but to get the offensive player on the ground without injuring him.
There are a few other tackling drills like the angle tackle and the open field tackle. Each coach has his own way of training, and he can come with his own unique drills as well for the players.