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Football Workout Routines

Football Workout Routines

Football and most, if not all, of the other sports, require their players to be physically fit and capable. This fitness can only be attained through rigorous exercise regimens which need to be followed religiously.
Aparna Jadhav
Today, football is followed by fans from all over the world, and supporters have huge expectations from their teams. But have you ever wondered what the players endure, to get to the position of representing a team on the international grounds? Right from long hours of running to building up their stamina, to following the right kind of diet, they have to go through a lot of hardship to reach their goals. If you love this game and are willing to work as hard as the top players do, take a look at the following exercise plans, as they can make you strong and can increase your stamina significantly.

Exercise Plans

Playing college football is not an overnight achievement, but takes months of rigorous training and practice. There are certain exercises and routines which help in building up stamina, as well as strength required for practicing for many hours. You have to make yourself fit enough, so you can play a match every day during the American football season. The exercise plans are very tiring and hectic, but it's all worth it eventually.

Strength Training
  • The exercises to build up strength in your body include weight training, running, and other leg drills.
  • All coaches want their players to be bigger and stronger, especially when it comes to training the offensive and defensive linemen.
  • Some more strength training exercises include, football running back drills, bench presses, arm curls, leg presses, and leg curls. These help in building strength and power, so that players can run for miles without being tired.
  • Other exercises are circuit training combined with weightlifting. This is for the reason that players can build up core strength along with bulk from weight lifts.
Box Jumping
  • Another part is to increase your leg strength by practicing box jumping. Those players who have to make explosive field movements need fitness training, and thus, box jumping helps.
  • All you have to do is set up a workout box or even a park bench in front of you. After you have done this, do your daily warm up exercises, and start with the box jumping routine, which is very simple.
  • Stand to the left of the box, jump over it to the right, and then jump back over it to the left. Repeat these two jumps until you have 10 full circuits. Then stand at the back of the box and jump over it (you can even jump onto the box or bench). Jump back to the starting position, repeating this till you have 10 circuits.
  • This box jumping workout is very essential for leg strength, as it contracts your leg muscles to tighten them. Agility drills are also one of the best routines to improve muscular strength.
Cardiovascular Training
  • Playing football and running for a long time all around the ground could put a lot of pressure on the cardiovascular system, especially the heart.
  • Thus, to build up your heart rate and increase your metabolism, you need running and jogging as speed workouts regularly.
  • Sprinting is one of the best ways to train yourself in cardiovascular exercises, as this trains you to endure for miles without getting tired.
  • Sprinting workouts, in a descending order, taking not more than 15 seconds between them, is always great cardio. Once you finish all the four sprints, take a two minute break, and then repeat the set once again.
Since, as a player, you need explosive power, great muscular strength, flexibility as well as mobility, you have to go through these strenuous exercise plans diligently.