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Basic Rules of Frisbee Golf to Win the Game in an Error-free Way

The basic rules of frisbee or disc golf are the subject of exposition, in this article. Read to know all about this fun game.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Frisbee golf or disc golf, as it is officially known, evolved out of a craze that swept across USA for frisbee disk throwing. Most people enjoy throwing the disk around and going for target practice. Such like-minded people came together and promoted this disk throwing hobby and elevated it to a new level of a formal sport, based on golf in principle and known as disc golf.
This game involves throwing specially designed flying disks into baskets or at targets. It is similar to golf, in the sense that a disk golf range involves a series of targets to aim for, just like golf has a series of 18 holes.
However, the comparison ends there, as instead of holes, frisbee golf courses use long poles with a basket at the top, which act as targets for the disk throwers. The game involves successfully completing a series of pole holes, in the minimum number of disc throws for each, and traversing a total of 9 to 18 disc pole holes, spread out from a tee area to finishing pole hole.
In the United States, there are as many as 2,500 frisbee golf courses. Most of them can be used for your disk throwing pleasure for free. There is a national disk golf association which organizes professional competitions. It is a game open to all age groups and is an excellent way of having some fun.
Rules and Regulations
The rules for this game are similar to club golf rules. The only equipment that is needed is a range of flying disks (frisbees), designed for throws of different distance ranges, and a series of pole holes, which are erected across a disc golf course.
As mentioned before, the basic objective of the sport is to traverse the whole length of a disc golf course in the fewest amount of throws. The one who takes the fewest throws to reach the end, wins.
Basic Play
Just like in golf, in this game too, every new throw is made from the position where a disc came to a halt, after the previous throw. Scoring is based on counting of the number of throws required in completing one pole hole, plus the number of penalty throws. Unlike many other sports, the person with the lowest score wins the whole game.
Teeing Off
Teeing off must be done from within the teeing area. One can run up to the teeing area, from outside, for the throw, but at the time of the throw, you should be within the teeing area.
Successive Throws
The position of the disc after every throw must be marked with a mini disc and the player whose disk is farthest from the hole, throws first on each successive throw. While throwing, the main foot on which you rest your weight, needs to be placed as close to the marker disc as possible and no farther than one foot.
If a disk gets entangled in a tree, it needs to be removed from there and the next throw must occur from a position exactly under the entangled position. If the disc gets thrown into out-of-bound regions, then a throw will be made three feet inside, from the boundary position from which it went out. It also incurs the player, a one-throw penalty.
Other than all these rules, one needs to maintain golf etiquette and ensure that the person throwing is not disturbed in any way, by other players or spectators.
Successive Throws
Teeing Off
Basic Play