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Testing and Charging of Golf Cart Batteries

Easy DIY Instructions for Testing and Charging of Golf Cart Batteries

For the proper functioning of a golf cart, there is no alternative to batteries. They have to be taken care of, so that these vehicles run properly. This article provides some information about how to test and charge the same.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Many of us are aware of the expanse of a golf course. It is no small entity. It spans a number of kilometers and there are sometimes obstacles too in the way. Thanks to golf carts, this distance is covered easily and fast, without having to waste time and energy there, and instead spending it on the golf game and the golf swings. Obviously then, it needs no special mention that their batteries have to be maintained well. So, they have to be periodically checked and requisite measures have to be taken.
How to Test?
Testing these lead acid batteries, is not too tough an endeavor. You will primarily require a hydrometer or a voltmeter, and don't forget the safety measures. You can otherwise too, check the battery with the help of this method, but well, right now, lets consider that you have charged the battery and then testing it. Here are the steps for the same.
# 1
A very important thing, at the onset, after the battery has been charged, is that it should be allowed to stay like that for a minimum of 12 hours. That is once you remove it from the charger. In case there is a bit of extra charge, it will dissipate before you test the battery. This is important, so that you don't get an inappropriate reading. This applies to the batteries on sale as well. You will have to test them after you buy them.
# 2
Make sure you do not connect the batteries until and unless you are done with the testing. After 12 hours, you can start checking them. First, the cell caps need to be removed, on top of the battery. Then, you will have to insert the probe of the hydrometer in the first cell.
# 3
In case you have a squeeze bulb hydrometer, you would have to squeeze the bulb and then the fluid would be drawn in the hydrometer. The plunger will have to be pulled up for drawing fluid in the hydrometer, if there is a syringe hydrometer.
# 4
Take the specific gravity readings with the help of the hydrometer indicator. Then squeeze back the fluid in the cell.
For every cell, this procedure will have to be repeated. Typically, a properly and fully charged battery will show a reading of 1.265. In case the reading is 1.12 or even less, it is an indicator that there is almost no charge in the same, and they can die down any time. Here, another significant thing to remember is that even if a cell has a reading differing by 0.05 or more than the others, there is a chance that it could be a dead cell.
In order to refurbish them, you will have to thoroughly clean the area around the battery and fill water in each of the cells if the water is low. Do not overfill them with the water.
How to Charge?
Again, here, you will need the safety gear and the charging device for the task. Here is the process. Be it used batteries from used golf carts for sale or new golf carts with custom bodies, this process is unchanged.
# 1
The battery charger will be plugged in first. Then, the red charging wire has to be connected to the positive terminal of the battery and the negative terminal of the battery will be connected with the black charging wire.
# 2
The voltage of the charger will have to be set for a 6-volt battery. The voltage will have to be set at 2.3 or 2.35 manually for some batteries. Let it charge overnight.
# 3
After you have let it charge overnight, you will have to check each cell, as mentioned above. Also, check the battery for water level, as there is a possibility that in the process of charging, some water might have evaporated.
Following the aforementioned steps, might prove useful. However, batteries have acid and there are electrical connections involved, so it is important to take care and use the necessary safety gear whenever dealing with the same.