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Insurance for Your Golf Cart

Kundan Pandey Nov 17, 2018
Insuring a golf cart is a necessity, as it safeguards life and property, of both, the driver and the vehicle. Here is some information related to the same.
Murphy's famous law says, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". Based on this pretext, what if we are ready with some insurance policies in our hand, that may at least compensate us for the monetary losses incurred from any tragic incidents.
While personal and emotional losses are best healed with time, some financial support is surely going to preserve the future. Though golf cart insurance is not as common as home or car insurance, it is still considered by many as a better way to get things in order, in case an accident occurs.

Who Needs It?

Will you ever take the risk of driving your car on the freeway if it is not insured? Well, though you are not going to drive your golf cart on a highway, its insurance can still save you from financial losses.
Golf grounds, golf clubs, and players, all must make sure that the carts are insured. All necessary documents must be carried in the vehicle itself. If you use your personal golf cart, often called street legal golf carts, then do insure that too.

What to Look For?

There are various parameters that you must consider before opting for a policy.
  • Look out for year round policies. If you are paying the premiums on a quarterly or half-monthly basis, then the charges and interest may be more. Try to take a year round coverage, and be relaxed for the whole year.
  • Check out if the firm is giving coverage on safety apparels. It's better to take a policy from someone providing facilities like safety jackets, helmets, for driving your golf cart.
  • Often, towed trailers are needed in big events, that are attached at the back of golf carts to carry extra material like food, etc. See if the policy covers these trailers too.
  • Check out their plans for suitable benefits, in case of collision with an object or humans. Property damage coverage and life insurance due to accidents are part of different plans in most companies.
  • Choose a firm that offers for increased limits on your golf cart liability insurance.
  • Insurance is also provided in cases of fire, adverse weather, and theft.

What to Look For?

The policies also cover important regulations, like no third party should take undue advantage of the accidents and claim the money. Except the authorized owner of the golf cart and its nominees, nobody else is allowed to claim the insurance money, except on the consent of the owner.
It is generally advised to go for a golf insurance, rather than golf cart insurance, as the former offers more comprehensive packages as compared to the latter. In a golf insurance, you can even claim money in case of any accidents that can occur on the golf course.
Also, a golf player is liable to pay you the necessary penalty/charge, in case he accidentally hits you with his/her golf shot. The golf insurance will also give you coverage for your equipment and the prizes that you win in the due course of events.
Remember, insurance companies are not liable to pay you the insured money in the case of accidents that you and your golf cart may encounter outside the premises of the area mentioned in the legally signed documents. For instance, if you are using your golf cart in the vicinity that is not covered under the insurance policy, you may not get any money at all.