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How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries

Shashank Nakate Nov 1, 2018
An important tool to traverse the big golf courses, golf carts and their batteries need to be maintained properly.
A golf cart is a small car used by golfers to move around the golf course without wasting much energy and time. They generally move at a speed of 15 mph. These vehicles can carry two golfers and their equipment.
They are generally of two types ― the ones that are electrically charged and others that are powered by gasoline. Vehicles powered by electricity help in reducing the levels of pollution and noise. Let us understand more about their maintenance.
Servicing a golf cart can cost a lot. One should thus, learn the basic maintenance techniques. Reading the car manual helps gain an idea about the vehicle and it helps to understand the working as well.
After learning the basics, one should prepare a schedule to carry out the maintenance activities on a regular basis. The important things that should be included in it are cleaning the battery, maintaining the water level, and checking the connection of cables. A check-up should be conducted every three months.

Gasoline Powered Cart Battery

The battery is an important part of any vehicle. If dirt gets accumulated on the internal parts of the battery, the wiring gets affected. Thus, one should try to protect it as much as possible from dust present in the surroundings.

Water Levels

The electrolyte water levels should be checked weekly. As per the guidelines provided in the car manual, the water level in the battery should be maintained to the specified mark. Distilled water needs to be used in this process.

Cable Connections

Checking the cables for debris and corrosion is necessary, in order to keep the battery in a working condition. Its caps and cable connections may become loose over time, and should be tightened. Professional help if necessary, should be taken for repairing the damaged connectors.

Electric Golf Cart Battery

Maintenance of the batteries of electric golf carts is more or less similar to regular carts. Care should be taken so that dirt doesn't get flushed into the battery after cleaning.
They should be charged periodically i.e. almost after every use. The battery can be charged up to 80% in about 2 hours. The chargers used for electric golf carts are mostly automatic ones. However, a manual timer model is also used.
There are different models of golf carts. Thus, the internal systems of every cart changes with the model. If one faces complex problems in the functioning of the cart, they should be left for the mechanic to sort out. Simple maintenance problems are easy to tackle, however, the complicated ones should be dealt by professionals only.