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Essential Tips for Golf Driving

Rujuta Borkar Apr 17, 2019
If you've just forayed into the world of golf then you'll need some golf driving tips to help you out. Read on for some great tips.
Driving as a technique in golf is very important because it determines the rest of the hole. Golf driving will lead to accuracy and length control on the grass and therefore if you want to be a good golf player, focusing on your golf drive is of extreme importance. Follow these tips and get an excellent driving technique.

Use the Club

Instead of concentrating on the power of the golf swing, concentrate on the swing and the center of the ball.
If you try hitting the ball too hard, it will lead to an air shot or slice, not to mention a muscle pull on your part. Master your swing first by using the right pressure on the golf club and then by controlling the pressure with which you hit the ball.

Elbow Placement

The trick here is to minimize the role of the hands when the club makes contact with the ball.
For this, create a correct sequence of motion when beginning the downswing, this will create the proper tilt of the right side. Which allows the right arm to bend and creates a powerful positioning. It also ensures an on-plane attack. So keep the right arm close to the hip so that the body will drive the ball through impact.

Maintaining Eye Line

It is essential to have one's eye line parallel to the target line. This alignment is critical in facilitating the club's perfect path-approaching impact.
If the eyes are at the right of the target then the club will come from the inside, but if the eye is on the left, the club will come excessively steep. Matching the eye line to the target line is therefore really important.

Importance of Back Swing

If you use too much force and swing the club way back, then it leads to a loss of width and control. Use a little more than three quarter length of the back swing and then use the correct wrist hinge and a full body turn for some great power. And with this, you'll be able to achieve longer and more consistent drives.

Grip Control

Make sure that you grip the club very softly and relax the muscles of your arms from your elbows till the fingers. This will allow a quicker release through impact.

Hip Rotation

Make sure that you use an aggressive hip rotation when driving a shot. It really helps if you have great core strength and flexibility for this one. Rotate your hips aggressively on the down swing and create a lag behind you with the club. This will lead to a higher club head speed and distance.

Spine Placement

Always tilt the spine away from the target or place it at an angle whereby it becomes removed from the target. What this does is that it allows you to sweep up the ball so that you have more distance and loft in your drive.

Anchor the Foot

Anchor the foot and keep the body behind the ball. The anchored foot will be the one that you swing away from and towards the ball. If you do not anchor your foot, it will decrease the power and length of the shot. Thus, keeping the foot anchored allows you to maintain a fluid shot for long and adds to the distance of the shot.

Focus on Arms

Focus on the arms and try to maintain a consistency in the way you use your arms. Practice the swinging action with special focus on your arms till you get it right and are swinging in the line of the swing.

Leveled Hips and Shoulders

Let the front portion of the body do all the work. For this, keep the back swing side as motionless as possible. This will level the hips and shoulders and allow for a better rotation at the back swing and a powerful shot.
These were some of the best golf driving tips that you can refer to when trying to learn or improve the game. These golf tips will definitely help you. So learn well and practice harder, and in no time, you'll be a pro at it.