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Golf Etiquette and Manners Every Golfing Enthusiast Must Know

A mimesis of poise and alacrity, golf etiquette is on the brink of demise. Don't be a nemesis for the art to perish. Here are the guidelines that one must follow to revamp the concept in order to give their best shot!
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Golf is often regarded as a flair for/of the sophisticated. Golf is a sport with subtle moves demanding concentration. When concentration is the key to playing golf, its prerequisite also needs to be adhered to. Etiquette well polished, is the prime requirement for golf. A golfer may very well admit that manners play an important role in hosting the game. Thus, if manners are not displayed on the field, you have to learn and pick them by making careful observations and recording how other golfers behave on the field. Golf is a game centered around manners, and if you are keen on becoming a successful golfer, this is the very first certification that you need to receive. Golf etiquette starts with you conducting yourself well on the field, while you are trying to get your putt right and even while you are seated for your turn. Laughing out loud, indulging in ludicrous confab or erratic persiflage displays your short comings toward the game.
Golf Etiquette that Counts
Golf is regarded as a game with oodles of glamor, however, it is how presentable you look when you engage in the game is what matters. Given here are some pointers that may help a casual golfer turn into a prospective and polished one!
Appropriate Dress Code
Well, you should not feel awkward to dress up in an attire that commands you to be professional even on the field. It is indeed a great discipline. A shirt with a collar; the shirt preferably must have horizontal or vertical strips, should be buttoned well. Subtle colored pants with a leather belt or shorts that are meant for golf are appropriate. You must sport golf shoes that are soft spiked and a hat if you please. The hat should not be one that you pair up with your Capri. Make sure to buy a hat, a baseball style hat to look thoroughly professional at your job. A golf sweater or jacket is ideal if you are out playing golf during winters.
Safety Code
Safety is of paramount importance on the golf course. Make sure that you reach much before your tee. Practice if you will but not facing someone right across. The golf ball can be pretty hard and may hit someone harder. Don't be careless. When you are practicing for your putt don't hit too hard. You may end up eroding the grass from its roots with the golf ball hitting someone in the vicinity. This could be extremely embarrassing, so be very careful.
Discipline Code
Laughing loudly, commenting on a fellow golfers swings, his style of dressing or putting and having pompous conversations is a matter of offense for golfers and the game. Ensure discipline on the field. Be quiet. As golf demands focus, one may get distracted due to the noisy environment around him. Avoid running or strolling without any purpose on the field. If you have to walk past, you must walk briskly without causing any undue disturbances.
Maintaining the Pace of the Game
If you have just had your chance, make way for another golfer to putt. Concentration is required, however you may not concentrate endlessly while others are soaking in the sun waiting for their turn to arrive. After you are done teeing, come back to the porch and wait for your turn next. Keep in mind that your group members are in line and other groups too, have been waiting to get to the field.
Practice Routine Code
Don't take too long practicing your putting technique on the fields. Remember, that you are on the field and group members and other groups are waiting for you to complete your turn. Avoid testing their patience and practicing putting several times. If you want, you may practice putting just once and play your shot.
Ready Golf Code
Ready golf is to play even when the ball is not located at a good rather decent distance from the hole. Make sure that you intimate your group members before playing ready golf. It would display your know-how about the game. In this way you will be able to handle the proceedings faster. Nevertheless, make sure no one is in the vicinity where you have plans to putt. They may get injured, and you and your golf etiquette are to be blamed for it.
Course Care Code
You must take care of the field. The turf that has been dug out from the fairway must be placed back into their respective surfaces. You may press it through with your feet or by digging your fingers through it to give it its original smooth finish.
Driving a Golf Cart
You must drive the golf cart; motorized or mechanical, on the paths and must adhere to keeping the fairways tidy. Drive the golf cart at an appropriate speed. Keep in mind that you are here at a golf course and not at a race course. Do not invite any controversy by damaging the fairway grass by driving over the grass or the teeing zone.
These were the basic and the most important golf etiquette that one must adhere to at all times when on the field. Revitalize your golf etiquette and save it from becoming a long-forgotten nomenclature of history.
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