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Easy Exercises to Increase Flexibility Which is Vital to Golf

Golf Flexibility Exercises
Flexibility influences golf playing greatly, and to attain a good level of flexibility, one needs to practice certain exercises regularly. Limbering up by doing these exercises before a golf game is very beneficial.
Aarti R
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Stretching exercises and techniques help improve flexibility, which is important in the game of golf. These flexibility exercises allow the golfer to play accurately through enhanced body movements and control over the golf swing. These exercises are performed to improve flexibility, and are helpful in developing a much smoother swing. They include single and double-joint exercises, so as to improve the overall coordination of the body while playing golf. Also, they prevent any injury that might crop up during play. Moreover, they can be done anywhere, and do not require any equipment. Let us take a look at some of the exercises.

It is recommended that these exercises must not be started without a good warm up session. In any type of exercise, basic warm up must be done to prevent injuries during the exercise regime. Warm up exercises increase the body temperature, and make the muscles warm and ready for further exercise. It helps carry out the stretching exercises more effectively. All these exercises must be performed correctly, in order to avoid any wrong movements. It is advisable that one increases the stretching period every time the exercise is performed. Increasing the stretching period by 10 seconds for every exercise helps in additional development in stretches.

The Exercises

Cat and camel
This exercise is intended for the upper back. The duration for which one might need to stretch may vary from 20 to 24 seconds.

Get down with the hands and knees on the floor. Gently arch the back towards the ceiling, but don't push forcefully. Then after this position has been held for at least 2-3 seconds, relax the back into the original position. This is one cycle of repetition.

Knee to Chest
This exercise is intended for the lower back and the gluteus muscles.

Lie down on the floor and fold one leg with your foot near the buttocks. Hold the knee with the hands and try to pull it towards the chest. Hold this position for some time. While exhaling, extend the leg straight slowly. Repeat this with the other leg.

Both Knees to Chest
This flexibility exercise is again meant for the lower back, and is same as the above knee to chest exercise.

Lie down on your back and fold both the knees. Hold both the legs near the knees and press them against your chest. While taking the knees towards the chest, exhale and elevate the hips from the floor. This position needs to be held for a couple of seconds.

Figure Four
This exercise focuses on the hips and gluteal muscles.

Lie down on the back with the feet against a wall. The knees and hips must make a 90-degree angle. The next step is to cross the left foot on the right knee. Now press the left knee away from the chest until a stretch is felt at the hips and the buttocks. Return to the starting position, and repeat this with the right knee.

These are the golf flexibility exercises that increases stretching power to a great extent, making the back, hands, and legs flexible enough to gain a fine and smooth swing while playing golf. Summing up everything, flexibility exercises keeps a golfer injury free, and helps him enjoy the game.
Woman holding knee stretching exercise
Knees to chest yoga pose
Cat and camel exercise pose
Healthy woman stretching