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Golf Rules for Dummies

Shrinivas Kanade Sep 27, 2018
Golf rules for dummies are useful for those who have just started to follow the game and are trying to watch it on the television at home, or on a course. Read on, to know more about the rules and regulations.
One way to learn and master something is to observe others doing it and practice till you master it. Let us say you are following a closely fought golf game on television.
Two in the lead are at the same score and it is the start of the next, i.e., the 18th hole. One of the leaders tees off and lands his ball in a water hazard. It is interesting to know how this shot has changed what was up till now a balanced game for the two.

Rules and Etiquette

For a beginner, trying to concentrate on improving his swing in order to hit the ball well, rules and etiquette seem to be extra burdens. However, they function as guidelines and if followed properly, they set you free to conduct your game by resolving situations.

Simple Rules

While playing, it is very essential that you mark your ball properly for the purpose of identification. It is also essential to make sure that, you are playing with same ball throughout the game or it may cost you a hard won hole.
Make sure that you are not carrying more than 14 clubs in your bag. Your friends may not object to it, however, a person going by the book is within his rights to raise an objection. This is one of the simplest of rules that may get you penalized.
If you are in a tight spot about how to play a badly laid ball and want some advice, your best bet is your caddy or partner. Don't go about collaring anyone that is within reach. It is considered bad form.
One may practice a stroke during a hole to concentrate and put everything in the upcoming stroke, but should not hit the ball. However, one can putt and chip on the putting green of the next or last hole.
A match starts with a player winning a draw or lot, and takes the first tee. However, the player completing a hole with lowest par score, tees off first on the next hole.

How to hit a golf ball? When it is your turn, play your ball as you find it by implementing tips from your coach. Try to strike it with the head of the club you are using and never push it.


It is essential for a beginner to understand how the scores are calculated in golf. Every hole is expected to be completed in the predetermined number of strokes.

In case of a 5-par hole, if it is completed in 5 strokes, then the golfer's score is described using golf terminology as, he has sunk the ball for par.
If a golfer takes a stroke less than the predetermined number to complete a hole, then he has scored a birdie. He scores an eagle and bogey, if he completes a hole 2-under par and 1-under par respectively.
On an average, most number of 18 hole golf courses have an overall par score of 72 strokes. If a golfer takes 68 strokes to complete a game, then, it is said that he has completed the match 4-under par. Rules state that the player with a lowest par score wins.
While playing, it is essential that you keep track of time. In fact, if you are playing on a day when the course is busy you won't have much time to waste because, there will be a number of players waiting for you to take your shot. In a tournament, you may be penalized for wasting time.
Let us get back to the earlier mentioned situation referred to at the start of this write-up. The simple rules that are associated with this situation penalizes the golfer by adding one stroke to his score. He is then required to retrieve his ball from the water hazard and replay his last shot.
Whenever you are going to play on a golf course, it is essential for you to know about the dress code to use. A khaki short and a polo tee shirt may work for you on a public course, however, some of the private courses have their own rules. So, while booking the course for your use make your inquiries.
The rules have evolved over a period of time and relate to a number of situations that may occur during the progress of a game. During the course of play, you are bound to face these situations and find the usefulness of these regulations in taking the game to the next stage.