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Health Benefits of Swimming

Carol Evenson Nov 5, 2019
Swimming is an often underrated sport that can provide a great workout with a variety of skill levels. If you are looking to begin to swim as part of your exercise regimen to help your fitness goals or relieve stress, consider the benefits of getting a water workout on a regular basis.

Burns Calories

Swimming engages all of your muscles but is also a low endurance activity, so you can work out parts of your body that are sensitive without worrying about muscle or joint problems. If you have recently suffered an injury, swimming may be a great option for a high calorie burning workout without straining the muscles while they heal.

Increase Lung Capacity

Swimming is that it expands your overall lung capacity. A higher amount of oxygen intake can provide benefits like increasing metabolism and lowering risk of heart disease.
To improve your lung capacity when swimming, you can implement exercises such as breath control by holding your breath as long as you can while swimming to improve your times.

No Heat Stroke

You can do swimming in your own backyard rather than going to a community pool or gym. For instance, if you live in Mobile, a simple internet inquiry for "pool builders in Mobile" can provide you some nearby companies that will estimate the size and cost of the pool that meets your needs.

Full Body Workout

Swimming is unique because it provides workout for all of your muscle groups without putting too much load on one particular group.
Different types of strokes focus on different primary groups of muscles, but no matter what, your legs, core, and arms are getting consistent attention during a swimming session. You'll also feel refreshed after your workout.


Although adding swimming into your exercise routine can seem daunting, there are many reasons why it is beneficial for your body and your overall physical and mental health. With these tips, you can be sure to safely engage in swimming while knowing the benefits associated with the sport.