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How to Become a Ball Boy/Girl in Tennis

All You Wanted to Know About How to Become a Ball Boy/Girl in Tennis

You can make an appearance in a major tennis championship even if you are not too good at playing tennis. How? Just become a ball boy/girl! This SportsAspire article will tell you how to become one.
Sonu S
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Tennis is an amazing sport. You need great skill to be on the court in a Grand Slam. Not all of us have the expertise of a professional tennis player, but most of us dream to be a part of the action on the court, in a major event. Even if you lack the skills of a pro, you can make your dream come true by becoming a ball boy/girl. When you become a ball person you have the opportunity to be involved in a tennis match, you will be able to interact with the legends of the game, and if you observe keenly, you might also learn a few tricks to win a match. I have divided this section into 2 parts. The first part will tell you what you should have to become a good ball person, and the second part will tell you what you should do to become a ball boy/girl.
Essentials to Become a Ball Person
Becoming a ball person is easy, if you have the following:
Love for the Game
If you do not love tennis, then you might get bored with your work after a few matches. You are not going to earn much, so when your job schedule turns out to be tiring, the only thing that will motivate you will be your love for the game of tennis. To become a successful ball boy/girl you should have a strong liking for the game, without it all your efforts are futile.
Understanding about the Game
If you do not understand the game of tennis, you will not be able to figure out what is happening on the court. If you have a good understanding about the game, you will know how to act during a match. You should know all the regulations, and the terms in tennis.
Knowledge about Your Job
What does a ball boy/girl do? You should have a complete knowledge about the tasks which you will be performing as a ball person. There is more to a ball person than retrieving the ball. Knowing your job description will help you prepare mentally and physically for your job.
Physical Fitness
You might have great love for the game, and you might have a good understanding about it, but if you are not physically fit, you will not be able to serve as a ball boy/girl, as this job is physically demanding. You will have to run up and down the court several times during a match, and there will be numerous matches in day, so if you are not physically fit you will not be able to do your job efficiently.
Time for the Tournament
The tourney will obviously last for several weeks, so you will be completely busy during these weeks. If you have some other engagements (like exams, appointments, etc.), then you might not be able to serve till the end of the tournament. Make sure that you will have enough time for the tourney before you think of applying for the vacancy of a ball person.
Things to be Done to Become a Ball Person
If you have the essentials mentioned above, you should:
Check for Advertisements and Apply
A few months before every tourney, the organizers look for able ball persons. They might advertise the vacancy for the ball persons using the newspapers, radio, Internet, etc. You should constantly keep looking for such advertisements. If you are interested in any tournament, you should apply immediately (as the vacancies will be limited).
Attend the Training Program
Generally, if you want to be a part of a major tournament, you will have to attend a training program. You will have to perform really well in the program, as your performance will be evaluated at the end of your training, and you will be selected for the tournament only if you have a good score. After you are selected, you will get an invitation to the tourney.
Being a ball person will be fun, as you will be in proximity to your favorite stars, and if you serve in a major tournament, you will surely have lots of things to brag about throughout the rest of your life.
Ball girl at tennis tournament
Ball boy at the net