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Learn How to Do a Stunning Front Flip and Earn Bragging Rights

How to Do a Front Flip
To be able to do a front flip properly, is indeed a fantastic achievement. In case you want to learn about doing a front flip on the ground, a trampoline or a snowboard, here are a few tips.
Suketu Mehta
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Young sportsman doing front flip in the street
Not many people can boast of knowing how to do a flip. It takes a lot of training and perseverance before one masters this move. People normally start by learning to do a front flip on the trampoline, and then move on to try this stunt on snowboards, skis, and on flat ground. It is not impossible, but will certainly require a lot of practice and patience before you are able to pull it off neatly.
On the Ground
Step 1
Firstly, it is better to get a person who knows the trick so that he is able to guide you through the process by keeping a check on your positions. Also, practice this in an open place, where you have plenty of space to move forward and backward, preferably a park or your compound.
Step 2
Start by taking a sprint. This will help you garner velocity, which will provide the necessary momentum required. When you feel you have reached your maximum speed while running, that is when you have to jump.
Step 3
While jumping, ensure that you jump as high as you can, and try to take your knees all the way up to your chest. Ideally, in this position, you should appear like a 'human ball' to your spotter. Getting your knees up gives the necessary flexibility and momentum to perform the stunt.
Step 4
When you are in this tucked position in the air, keep your head position in such a way that you can see straight ahead, and then flip in the air. Once you have rotated completely, only then get out of the 'human ball' position that you have got into earlier, so that you lose momentum and land safely.
Step 5
Once you have uncurled yourself and are about to land, keep your feet apart and knees bent, to ensure a firm and balanced landing. Also, bending your knees will help you in avoiding any damage you may cause to your knees, while landing.
On a Trampoline
Step 1
You should initially pick up the correct landing way to prevent any injuries. Try out a few somersaults on the trampoline without jumping up and down, which will help you with the landing.
Step 2
When you are trying out these somersaults, do it by placing your chin and legs on your chest, and hands on the trampoline, which will help the body move forward with force. Start taking short jumps on the trampoline, and while you are at it, roll on and do a short somersault without the use of the hands. While landing, fall on your back as you would while attempting a somersault on the ground.
Step 3
Start by jumping on the trampoline six to eight times, and when you feel you have reached your highest jump, tuck in your body by pulling up your knees to your chest, along with getting your chin down to the chest. To help gain momentum while rotating, make sure you swing your arms forward above your head when you jump.
Step 4
While landing, come down on your feet and do a few more short jumps to absorb the velocity from the flip, and also to avoid any hard impact on the feet, to finish this awesome trick.
On a Snowboard
Step 1
Start by moving down on the slope and slightly transfer your weight on the back foot, so that you can increase your speed while going for the jump.
Step 2
When you are approaching the jump, incline towards the front to keep up your balance, and bend your knees. Your arms must be as close to your body as possible to counter any wind resistance you may face.
Step 3
As you are just about to jump, elope from the nose of the snowboard like a spring, by pushing all your body weight forward. While in the air, simply rotate your body, keeping the snowboard and your legs together and in sync with the transfer of body weight while flipping.
Step 4
Bend your knees while landing to prevent any jerk or knee injury. You may require a lot of practice before you get this right, so don't lose hope after a failed first attempt.
Ensure your safety first by having a spotter or just a friend around who will be able to help you with the flip. Keep your determination high to learn the stunt quickly.
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