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How to Dribble a Basketball

Easy-to-understand Instructions on How to Dribble a Basketball

Other than passing and shooting the ball into the basket, dribbling is also a basic basketball technique, and is a key skill required in order to play the game well.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
In basketball, dribbling is a basic skill that every player should master. This skill allows a player to move around the court while he possesses the ball. It is a legal method that allows one to advance with the ball and score, as opposed to that of passing it to a teammate. This move involves bouncing the ball off the floor with one's hands as the court is being covered.
Basic Instructions
Start practicing by holding the ball with both hands. Flex your legs and release the ball. As the ball bounces back, use the tips of your fingers to make it bounce repeatedly. It is important to maintain the bounce height up to your hip level only. Every time the ball hits the ground, it will bounce back up 75% of its original height. Hence, exert enough pressure on the ball so that it is at a height from which managing the ball as you dribble would be easy.
Use only the tips of the fingers to dribble the ball. Employ the wrist and the forearm to push the ball while covering the court. Involving the whole hand will not only exert the hand more, but it will also make one lose control of the ball easily. Don't keep the fingers in touch with each other while dribbling. Spread them apart to the extent you are comfortable, as this allows better control of the ball as it is being dribbled. Dribble the ball to one side of your body and not right in front. This is specially important when you have to protect the ball from a defender. While you dribble with one hand, use the other to keep the defender away from the ball.
Dribbling allows a player the chance to move around and approach the basket of the other team. To be able to do this effectively, you need to look in front. This can be done only if you don't look at the ball. This allows one to take a good look at the court and choose the teammate to whom he wants to pass the ball. Or, he could also use this time to work out a way of how to dodge the defense and make it to the basket.
It is important that one knows to dribble a basketball properly with both hands. The game of basketball is a fast-paced one. Hence, it is crucial for every player to be able to dribble efficiently with either hand. While changing hands, hit the ball across hard and quick, so that it moves to the other side of your body. Be ready to gain control of the ball with the other hand.
Dribbling a Basketball While Running
Those who want learn to how to dribble while running, must keep their hand behind the ball, and not on top of it as is required when dribbling at low levels while performing the control dribble or the low dribble (one of the methods of dribbling). Then, push the ball in front of you. Run up behind it as the ball covers ground. Maintain the hand at a slanting position (say 45 degrees), and let the ball bounce up to the waist level. Remember to throw the ball only as far as you are sure you can run and cover ground, while maintaining control over the ball.
For those who want to learn the trick for dribbling faster, it is important to understand that first one needs to master the technique of having control over the ball. Start at a slow pace. Then, as you are confident that you have complete control of the ball, and don't need to look at it while dribbling, increase the pace of the dribble. As is the case with most skills, practice is the only way to get better.
Basketball player running the court