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How to Find a Sponsor for Sports Logo Patches?

Matt Thompson Dec 02, 2019
Sponsorships in the sports world is a common goal for all teams. Getting better sponsors is like improving life quality in the sports world. All teams are looking for brands and big names to get sponsored by while the sponsors are looking for the best teams to represent their logo in their jerseys. It’s a win-win if a good team pairs with a good sponsor.
The presence of brand names in the players’ jersey is undeniable. The banners in the backgrounds and sports advertising after and before the game. Sometimes, the entirety of the stadium is sponsored by brand names. So how do you get sponsored and how do you get sponsors for logo patches?
In certain sports like cricket, you get almost logo patches when you get sponsored. Many teams are sponsored by multiple brands. You do not have to reach the top of the hierarchy to get sponsored. Just like there are tiers for teams and their players, there are tiers for sponsors as well. Great sponsors will look for great teams.
But a decent and mid-tier sponsor will look for a mid-tier team. Even players playing in the lower leagues are able to find sponsorships. In this article we will discuss how do you get sponsored and how do you get logo patches as a consequence.
Sponsors help your team. They help you through money or providing necessary gadgets. Sponsorship is not like a one-way benefitting street. It is a mutual benefitting system. Sponsors provide travel costs, provide uniforms from time to time, provide equipment and many other things not listed.
To get a sponsorship someone from the team has to take the initiative. The act of finding a corporate sponsor requires time and requires good effort. Having a separate person looking for sponsors is always a good idea. It has to be a team effort that single person will not essentially do all the work.
The process is much easier when you know what you are looking for. Let them know what your contributions will reach towards. Know what you and your team want and sit at a meeting if necessary. Consider what your offerings are for their investment. Know how you will promote your sponsors.
Some Great Ways -
  • Use their logo on your uniform
  • Banner at your court or field or wherever you can
  • Brand your website with their logo
  • Create media posts using their presence
Provide sponsored giveaways
Identify, the potential brands who will offer you sponsorship. Just like with everything else, it’s best to start with people you know locally or people personally or with those with whom you have contact. Try sending sponsorship letters. Be strategic about it, do not approach everyone and lowball your value.
Know how to talk professionally and ethically. If you have some flaws in your professional communication at least try to improve in the area. These tips are not for a specific sport and can be used in any sport or genre of game that requires sponsorship. Sports like cricket, football, e-sports, martial arts, etc.
Sony, Samsung, Coca Cola, Nike, Red Bull, etc. are common sponsors and they are huge organizations that sponsor the best of the best. There are also uncommon sponsors like G2, NAVI, and Le-Stream that sponsor e-sports based teams and The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association that sponsors boxers and martial artists.
The main objective of sponsors who sponsor teams is to get publicity. They want good publicity and as less political association as possible. So, to be suitable for sponsors you need to stay away from controversial topics.
Most of these sponsors will ask you to use their brandings in your jerseys and some will provide the necessary means too. Organizations like the Mundi Plumarii Foundation offers custom-made logo patches for teams. They also try to support non-government organizations and institutions and charities.
Patching company provides good quality logo patches for teams that are based in the UK (they are also partnered with The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association. If you are looking for an organization that provides good logo patches internationally check out the Mundi Plumarii Foundation.