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What is a Draw and 5 Techniques That Show How to Hit One

How to Hit a Draw
Is the thought about hitting a draw putting you off? No need to worry. Here is probably the top draw on the same. Have a look...
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
One of the significant weapons in a golfer's arsenal is a draw shot. A golfer needs to know how to hit this bang on, if he or she wants to do well on the course. Basically, a draw shot, also called a hook, begins from the right, and then slowly curves back from the left. Sometimes, it also happens that the shot starts on the right and keeps going towards the right. Now, this shot is inevitable in case of obstacles and when one cannot take a direct/straight shot at the target. Experts opine that even the dreaded slice can be corrected with this draw shot.
Technique #1
Getting the stance right and in place is fundamental to any golf shot. There are different stances for different shots and swings. For a draw, you have to get into a 'close stance'. This stance, simply put, is a stance where he points slightly to the right of the target. The rear foot has to be moved back a couple of inches, for the line along the top of the toes to point to the right of the target. But, the shoulders have to be pointed along the line of the target, with the swing as well.
Technique #2
Now, this stance can very well result in a swing plane where the club will go back in the normal pathway. This is followed by the club continuing outside the same swing path after it hits the ball. This is exactly what leads to the right-left swing on the ball.
Technique #3
To hit a draw with your driver, you will have to strengthen the grip on the club, and ensure that the ball moves to the left. To ensure this, you should turn your hands a little bit to the right, while maintaining the same grip. The club face will be closing on impact with this grip, which will eventually lead to getting the side spin. The end point will be the curving of the ball to the left.
Technique #4
The next technique of hitting a draw is releasing the final 12 inches. Speed up the final 12 inches before the ball and the club come in contact. Here, the right hand arm will turn over left, as a consequence of releasing the hands into and through the ball. Speed up at just the last 12 inches. There is no need to speed up the whole swing. This will lead to the execution of the side spin in the appropriate direction.
Technique #5
When you are out to hit any golf shot, make sure that the weight is duly transferred. It is extremely important to come about good. The weight transfer in this shot has to be from the rear leg to the front. If this does not happen, the club face will open on account of the swing plane drifting outside.
As a parting shot, here are some pointers:
  • Let your swing be as it is. Work on the grip and alignment instead.
  • Try this shot with all clubs, and see what happens.
  • Ensure that your body is aimed to the right of the target, and the club position is central to the position of the target.
  • Taking the help of a professional is actually ideal.
Last but not the least, practice and practice more. If you feel you are getting complacent about hitting a draw and are overdoing it, work on the adjustments―the grip, stance, and so on.
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