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How to Make the Most of a Day at the Races

Ryan T Apr 10, 2019
Whether you’re an expert in the field or a complete novice, a day at the races is guaranteed to excite you. The smell of fresh cut-grass in the stands, the rumble of the horses as they tear past you, and the thrill that comes with a winning bet.

With that, we give you four tips on how to make the most of your day at the races.

Look the part

A lot of race tracks might not let you in if you’re not dressed adequately, so for men, a suit is the go-to. Open collar or tie will both do the trick, but shades are usually a good shout those track side Snapchats.

And the women, the fancier the hat, the fancier the lady. Always be sure to read up on a racecourse's dress code.

Do your research

The races are all fun and games, but losing money, as you may already know, is not. If you’re going to the races you’re probably going to gamble, and lose some money.

So for you to have the best experience that you can at the races, you need to do your research on the races, the horses and jockeys competing.
For the latest horse racing news, refer to the Racing Post. The Racing Post is a daily newspaper with all the latest results, forms, and opinions from the horse racing world.

After making sense of the Racing Post, you can pick your each-way selections. If you're unsure what an each-way bet is, read this guide by BestFreeBets.

Picking a winning horse

Once you’ve got an understanding of the format, you can start to pick out your winners. It’s always good to check the horse’s form on times it’s ran at similar tracks, the length of the track and the competing horses within it.

It’s also good to see if a notable jockey is riding that horse today, as it would give it a better chance of finishing first.
Another thing to be aware of are the various odds offered on each horse. Different bookmakers will offer different odds on each horse, depending on how they think a particular selection will perform.

As the odds change throughout the day, it gives a good indicator as to who the punters are backing.

Know when to cut your losses

Leading on from bulking up on your racing knowledge, you need to be aware of your spendings.

With the races happening in quick succession you can quickly lose count of your bets and stakes, and find yourself stranded in a rural train station come tea time.
If your tips aren’t firing for you, then maybe you need to call it a day.

A good day out can quickly turn sour when you lose your money, so be a smart gambler to give you the best chance of minimising your losses throughout the day.