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How to Move a Pool Table

How to Move a Pool Table
Moving pool tables is not at all similar to moving a piece of furniture. It is a herculean task which needs lots of patience and utmost care. Here are a few tips to make your job a wee bit easier...
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Do you remember how you got that massive pool table in your house in the first place? Of course, it came disassembled, in pieces, and company professionals reassembled it at your house, in the place you wanted it to be kept. But, in certain circumstances, you might need to shift your pool table somewhere else, may be to an altogether new place or a place only a few blocks away. Sometimes, you may only want to move it to the next room. The point is, moving a pool table is not as easy as one might think. The safest option is to call those professionals again and let them do the job. You'll need to pay a hefty amount for that, but at least your table would be safe in professional hands.
However, if you decide against the idea and choose to move the pool table yourself, think several times before doing it, as there is a lot of risk involved in it. Drop the idea of carrying the task on your own, no matter how heavily built you are. Call in a few burly guys who have a penchant for weightlifting to help you out.
How to Move a Pool Table
You can move the pool table in two ways, carrying it on a dolly or by disassembling it and then reassembling again. Whichever method you use, an equal amount of risk is involved. The slate of the pool table is the most susceptible part likely to get damaged due to mishandling. It doesn't have anything to get a grip, hence, lifting it becomes difficult. Also, the slate is composed of three parts, and damage to any one part means the replacement of the whole slate, which is a pretty expensive affair. The other component that is at risk is the cloth covering, which is vulnerable to tearing. If the table is old, the cloth is even more likely to tear.
If you have decided to move the table yourself, you may choose to proceed according to either of the ways.
Using a Dolly
Get a four-wheeled, flat dolly and cushion its ends so as to prevent your table from scratching. Hold the dolly steady and ask your buddies to carefully lift the table and mount it on the dolly. Roll the dolly with the table to its new position. Another way of using a dolly is very similar to a jack. Roll the dolly under the pool table, jack it up to the level of the table, dismount the table, and roll it off to its new position.
Disassembling and Moving
Disassembling and reassembling the pool table minimizes the risk of scratching, but the technique of assembling requires some level of expertise. Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions and disassemble the table piece by piece. Mark each piece for the convenience of reassembling it. Detach the rails and the pockets attached to it. Unscrew the slate from the cabinet holding it. Lift the table on its edge and transport it in the same position to its new location. Do not place the slate on its surface until it is mounted on the table.
Moving pool tables is such a difficult task that it has become a business in its own. You can hire a professional service for about $500 from the host of companies that deal in this business. Buying a folding pool table is a good option if you need to shift places frequently. Though this article guides you on moving a pool table, it is strongly recommended that you rely on expert help rather than attempting to do it yourself.
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