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Want to Plan a Successful Corporate Golf Day? We'll Tell You How To

How to Plan a Successful Corporate Golf Day
Golf is considered one of the best sports in the corporate world. It is relaxing and can take one's mind off the humdrum of daily work. Here are some tips on how you can execute a glitch-free golf day.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
"To find a man's true character, play golf with him."
- P. G. Wodehouse
If anyone got the essence of golf right, it's Mr. Wodehouse. But then, he almost never got anything wrong, did he? Golf is all about building character. It is about patience, endurance, and accepting (but not being complacent with) the results of the efforts you put in. All of these make it the most popular sport for corporate events. Whether it is a one-on-one session or an all-out tournament, a golf day is the best way to meet your clients or prospective clients so that you can work your charm and show them that you care about them as well. Planning an event as important as a corporate golf day needs a lot of forethought, resourcefulness, time, and of course, money. SportsAspire helps you plan a hassle-free event to put you in the best books of your corporate counterparts.
Picking the Best Golf Course for the Day
The most important thing that you need for the big day is the golf course. Picking the right one involves a lot of work. Here are some points that will help you narrow down your prospects when it comes to the courses. Check with the course for availability on the dates, as courses generally allot specific days to corporate.
Golf Game Environment
Environment: Is the atmosphere at the club cozy and welcoming, or does it seem snooty and foreboding?
Woman playing golf
Attendance: Does the course cater to all kinds of golfers or does it allow only experienced and regular golfers? For corporate golf, you will want to pick a course that tends to both kinds because it is likely that some of your clients are not well-versed with the game. This will also be a good time to decide what type of golf will be played. Will it be match play, stroke play, scramble, or best ball?
Condition of the Course: The course itself needs to be in impeccable condition. There's no point in providing excellent supplementary facilities if the golf course on golf day is shoddy and unkempt.
Online Booking
Lead Time: While it is true that the busier the course, the better it is, some courses can have ridiculous lead times for booking. You need to pick one that gives you enough time to plan the other aspects of the day, but not keep you waiting for a year before the actual day.
Golf Course
Attendees Permitted: Some courses have a minimum or maximum number of attendees that they can manage in one given day. Yours being a corporate event that can see any number of invitees, you cannot pick such a course. You need a course that will allow unlimited attendees.
Service: How good is the service on and off the course? Are they willing to take feedback and suggestions? Do they accept shortcomings pointed out to them? You can gage all this by observing the course when it is hosting golf day for another company. You can also check the feedback given by other companies that have used the course in the past.
Catering: How good is the food served at the club? Are you allowed to choose the menu for the day? Is the cost included in the charges for the course?
Billiard Game
Entertainment: What if not everyone wants to play golf? Or what if there are kids at the event too? Are there other modes of entertainment besides the golf course? Video games, a play area, billiards/snooker, perhaps?
Calculating budget
Budget: After all these points have been taken into consideration, does the venue fit within the budget allotted to the event? How willing are they to negotiate?
Fixing the Date
Fixing the Date
After you decide on the course begins the real hard work. The first thing is deciding who you are inviting. Is it just the head honchos of clients/prospective clients or is it a 'come one come all' event? Is it just the heads/employees or are their families invited too? Once you've made a list of people, the next step is finding a suitable date. You will have to find a date that is not on or around a public holiday/weekend.
One tip is to fix a day in the middle of the week, when most of your invitees are bound to be free for a corporate event as such. Check with all of them before you get the invites printed so that you get maximum positive RSVPs.
Scheduling the Event
Prize distribution
To ensure that the entire day goes on without a glitch, make sure that you schedule it down to a tee (pun intended). Give enough time for everyone to enjoy their turn on the course. Make sure everyone definitely gets a chance to play. Keep ample time apart for meals and refreshments throughout the day. Everyone knows that a corporate golf day is not always only about golf. So, keep enough time aside for presentations or speeches if any. Most important of all, do not forget to keep a time slot for the prize distribution. Nothing makes a golf day more successful than healthy competition. Also, keep some time and resources aside for unforeseen events/accidents/contingencies.
The point of holding a corporate golf day is to let your clients/prospective clients know that you mean business. The best way to leave an impact on their minds (apart from your flawless planning and scheduling) is to remind them why they're there, all the time. Have flags and banners of your company all around the course. Give away merchandise like pens, hats, paperweights, etc., as favors to everyone who attends. Engrave all the trophies (winners and participants) with your company's name and logo. Subtle ways to show that pampering them is all a part of business for you can go a long way in building loyalty and goodwill.
A successful golf day is one that helps you build an interpersonal relationship with your clients in the process of doing business. It is a perfect way to break the monotony of everyday life. And let's face it: who wouldn't prefer mellowing down a high-voltage meeting on a lush green golf course rather than in an air-conditioned conference room, right?