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How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

Bindu swetha May 23, 2019
Ultimate Frisbee which was first played on a competition level in 1968 by the Columbia High School team, has grown over the years as a leisure sport. Ultimate Frisbee, also called ‘Ultimate’, is a fast-paced, intense, strategy-based game. Its beauty is that it has no referees, even in regulation play, and thrives on the honesty and goodwill of its players.

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Objective of the Sport

The objective of playing the sport is to pass the flying disc to the player positioned at the endzone, in order to score points. The last 18m of the pitch is considered as the scoring zones. The team that scores the pre-specified number of goals is considered the winner.

Leisure Sport

Playing a game of Ultimate with your pet, kids and family can be fun! You can play the game while you are at a beach or at any family gathering. Just divide all the members into two equal teams and start scoring. Your kids will develop physical skills like hand-eye coordination, balance, multi-sensory processing and spatial awareness while playing this game!

Pre-requisites for Playing

Ultimate Frisbee is played with the least equipment. There are 7 players on each side. However, the minimum players needed to play the game on a local level is 2 players per team.
The pitch needs to be 100m long with 18m endzones at each end. The disc used for playing the sport is 10.75 inches in diameter and usually weighs 175g. The Discraft Ultra-Star 175 is the officially used disc during the USA Ultimate Championship.


The simplicity of scoring makes this sport a popular pastime. Points are scored when the disc is passed to the player positioned at the endzone. The team to first get to pass the disc is decided by tossing a coin or flipping the disc.
The opposition team player needs to defend by not allowing the other team's player to pass the disc to its endzone player. But the moment the disc reaches the player at the endzone, the point is scored; and the possession of the disc is passed to the team that has scored.
Physical contact with players isn't allowed. Players need to disrupt the scoring without making any contact or any other disruption.

Generally, the team that scores the 15 points first is declared as the winner. The 15 points game usually takes one and a half hour to end.

Throwing the Disc

The technique of throwing the frisbee correctly is the key to scoring a point. The disc should be firmly held by placing the index and middle finger under the disc, near the lip. The 2 fingers are curled to get a firm grip and the upper body is twisted to the side towards the throwing hand side, and the disc is released.
As one advances playing the game, the complex moves are learnt. To 'hammer throw' the disc, place the index and middle finger under the disc, thumb on the top, but don't curl the fingers. Raise the disc above the head and angle it towards the head. Keeping the angle, just throw it! This throw is difficult to catch and so, is a proven great defence.


  • Being a non-contact sport, players must stand within 3 meters distance of the player in possession of the disc.
  • The game starts when a player 'pulls' the disc i.e. throws it to the other side.
  • A player cannot hold the disc for more than 10 seconds but has to pass it on within 10 seconds. If not, the possession of the disc is transferred to the other team.
  • A player cannot run with the disc in the hand. He has to stop as soon as he receives the disc.
  • If a pass hits the ground or is intercepted, the opposition gets possession of the disc.
  • Substitutes are allowed after scoring a goal, to replace an injured player or after the period of play. Substitutions aren't allowed during the timeout.