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Golfing Basics: Tips That Tell You How to Putt Like a Pro

How to Putt
Knowing how to putt, needless to say, is essential if you want to be a good golfer. Here are some tips that will help you get better.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Are you an aspiring and amateur golfer? Is it your dream to swing and putt like Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson? It surely isn't an easy proposition, but then, it is not an impossible task either. I mean, if a golfer passionately wants to work on his putt and make it the best, there are ways. Not to forget, that practicing the tricks of the trade is equally important. Why I am rambling on about putting, is because, putting is most of the time instrumental in helping a golfer win a game. Putting is when the crux of a golfer's skills are exhibited.
Learning to Putt
► Spot the place and the area where you want the ball to go on the course. Get that spot clearly in your mind, even before you actually go and putt.
► Now, hold the club, or to be specific, putter, in way that the head of the putter has to go straight back in your direction. It needs to be dead straight. If it is tended towards the left, you will end up playing the ball too far forward. The putter will be required to be moved back a bit, in that case.
► Once you have made sure that the putter is in the correct position, swing it straight through.
► It is necessary that the face of the putter is always square to the line of the area or plane where you are putting. Make sure you use your arms and shoulders properly.
► A good ball park tip if you are putting uphill, is to aim the ball past the hole. Doing this will ensure that the ball goes in the hole, or at least goes as close as possible.
Useful Tips
Tip #1: To putt like a pro, a la Tiger Woods, there is a need to understand the various putting styles. There is a conventional style, a long putter, cross over putt, body putting, and claw grip.
Tip #2: Get to know the speed of a putt, it can be gauged only with practice. Time of the day, length of the grass, watering of the green, and a few other factors affect the speed of putting.
Tip #3: Another important trick is to avoid breaking your wrist as you follow-through. Also avoid turning your forearm on the follow-through.
Tip #4: Using your arms and shoulders properly is extremely crucial, more so when it is a long putt. In case it is a short putt, you can afford to use just the hands and wrists. So, basically, a proper grip is absolutely necessary.
Tip #5: The art of reading the green is essential. It will come only with practice, and nothing else. A player has to connect with the green and its intricacies. You can't just go out there and expect to hit a bull's eye.
Last but not least, play with a better player then yourself, and PRACTICE as often as you can.