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How to Start a Paintball Field?

Matt Thompson Dec 02, 2019
Is that the question you are asking? Or lately while being on the fields, you are planning to start one of your own which wouldn’t only become a relaxed location for you, but also a business? Well, that can happen but there are few things which you should first keep in mind! Here’s what you should know before you think of starting a paintball field.

1. It’s A Business!

Yes, before you jump into the game you should be careful that the venture you are planning about, is a complete business and should be taken like that, you have to be careful about all the dos and don’ts included in any business, you have to care about money and all legal steps which need to be taken.
To make your paintball field a hit among your neighborhood you have to be careful about how to plan the entire system, from whether you choose indoors or outdoors to all the capital and investment to be made, there would be a constant supply of all equipments like guns, paintballs, and air tanks for the game.

2. Talk to People Already in Business

It is important that you have all the information before you own a field. It’s important that you visit all local paintball fields, meet the owner or caretakers of the field, be it an indoor or outdoor one.
Get information you need to start what you are planning, get an idea and instructions from them, and get the idea of how the customers like the field. You should compare all the instructions you have gathered to get a bigger and better picture.
You can also look up for other people in the business through internet and get suggestion, you can meet those who didn’t get much success for suggestions of what you should be careful about.
Apart from owners or runners of the field, you can also talk to the players who enjoy the game, you can choose the regular guests of the arena and get the idea of what is demanded in the market.

3. Plan It Out!

As mentioned, this is not just a field for games and entertainment, it’s a proper business and to keep a business running it’s important to have everything planned out. You have to plan all your investments in your revenue.
You have to write about your land, how it would be designed so that it gets what the market is demanding, you have to take the steps which will keep the business safe from falling, you have to plan out about all your legal steps, and your plans if any mishap occurs.
Your plan should include the details of your suppliers, you have to write down about the flow of money into the business as this is important to make your business successful. Design documents that could be used when needed.
Your plan should also involve details about any additional payment which has to be made in form of taxes. Having a plan always works the best, so to have your favorite game as a successful way of earning, it’s important that you have it planned out.

4. Location

Now, that you are sure that the option for business is paintball for you and you are ready to invest your money as well after talking to all the experienced people out there and have planned it all out, the most important step for you is to look for a proper location or land for the game.
If you already have land which you are using then it’s good enough! But you have to make sure that the area is large enough to open and run the fields, it should be clear to make it easy for the players to run. You should form some proper hiding points and should make sure that there are some trees to give it a better look.
If your setup is based in an indoor location, an old warehouse would definitely be a better option. The area should be big enough to have both the teams settled along with enough hiding spots where their strategies could work.
By taking care of these basic things you would be able to run a proper business. Other than the playing location and the field, you should be careful to design the entire place in such a way that you get enough space for storage and customers get a place for changing into the kit for the game. These are few things which should be kept in mind.

5. Equipment

Now that you also have a location the next step is to get a proper supply of equipment. You need paintballs, guns, safety kits, air tanks, barrels and what not! you can check out paintball gun reviews for getting the best paintball guns.
Make sure you know the best of the suppliers to get the product of high-quality, as the best you’ll provide will get you the best in result; therefore, it’s important to get the equipment of high quality but along with this you have to be careful of what the cost of all the products.
As you are running a business, you have to be smart enough to think in the exact same way, the entire procedure should be cost-efficient for you as well. Use package deals and other offers while getting the supplies to cut the extra cost and make it sufficient for you.
However, as mentioned that the quality of the equipment is quite important, so, it’s advisable that you should check all the equipment along with your friends. Buy some before buying the entire stock and check all the items to determine the outcome and then get the stock.