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How to Tape a Hockey Stick and Improve Your Shot Making Ability

How to Tape a Hockey Stick
Struggling to hit proper shots with your hockey stick? You might just have to tape it to see an improvement in your shots. Here are a few useful tips to tape the stick blade, toe and handle, and win you trophies.
Suketu Mehta
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Hockey player taping his stick
Taping your hockey blade will ensure you have enough friction so that the puck does not slip out when you strike. It aids in not allowing moisture to settle down while playing. When you tape the handle, it provides you with an additional grip, facilitating better control. The knob on the top of your stick will make it easier for you to pick it up in case it falls down.
Cloth tape is considered to be the most popular choice when it comes to taping a hockey stick. You will also require stick wax, a puck, and a pair of scissors before you start. Follow the steps mentioned below for a perfect stick.
The Blade Wins You Matches
Step 1
Start with the blade. To tape the blade, you should start from the toe, and come up to the part where the shaft and blade coincide. People may advise you to do this the other way round, but recently professionals have found this way to be more beneficial, as it ensures that the puck is released quickly when you use this method. Also, when you tape this way, your puck will spin a little slowly, for you to deceive the goalie even more while you shoot.
Step 2
Once done with the blade, you need to take a puck and start rubbing it along the tape area, in the heel to toe direction. Doing this will smoothen the newly attached tape and will also bind it well with the blade.
Step 3
Pick up wax and apply it on the blade area which you have just taped. Wax increases its life by preventing water from settling down. It also helps while you take shots, by reducing friction between the ice and your stick blade while you strike.
Taping Over the Toe
When you tape the blade, you would have left some space at the toe of your stick. This place needs to be done separately as it is the most used part. To cover this area, cut out 4 pieces which are longer than the toe of your stick. You will need to wrap two of these pieces on your forehand side, and the other two on your backhand side, across the toe so that it is completely covered. If there is any excess tape, cut is off with a pair of scissors. Rub a puck on this area, followed by applying stick wax, to enhance the tape.
Taping the Handle
To start with, you will have to wrap tape on the top of your stick at a particular spot several times. This is called a knob. After you have got the knob, simply spin your tape over the handle a few times. It will appear like a string. Start wrapping your handle with this string. Don't clutter it, instead space it out. Over this string tape, wrap another layer, and this time cover the whole area and overlap it on the string you wrapped earlier. Cut out the excess.
You can now easily do this yourself and work wonders for your game. It is simple, quick, and extremely useful if you want to transform yourself into a good hockey player.