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Easy Step-by-step Instructions on How to Throw a Perfect Changeup

There are many types of pitches in baseball that are used to trick the batter. This article will tell you how to throw a changeup in baseball and as well as in Wiffle ball.
Pankaj Chobharkar
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Before getting into the intricacies of throwing a changeup in baseball, let's discuss what a changeup exactly is. It is a slow ball that is thrown in such a way that the batter interprets it as a fastball. Simply put, the batter thinks that the pitcher is going to throw a fastball, and receives a changeup instead. As compared to a curveball, the changeup is easier to throw.
Throwing a Changeup in Baseball
Step-1 The important thing here is to make your pitch seem like a fastball. Hold the ball with three fingers - the middle, index, and ring. The fourth should be in a folded position and the thumb beneath it. Spread out the three fingers on the ball. Remember that the ball should be pushed into the palm.
Step-2 In this position, do not loosen your wrist. Movement of the wrist, and its stiffness can be the deciding factors in the success of your changeup.
Step-3 Technically, this is not a step but it is just as important. Before going into a windup, make sure that you are concealing your grip with your glove.
Step-4 Now go into a windup, putting your body weight on your back foot. It is in this position that you gather the potential energy that goes into the pitch.
Step-5 Bring down your arm as if you are pulling a rope down. Take care that your fingers should not push the ball. It should be your palm that releases the ball.
Step-6 The follow-through finalizes the effectiveness of your pitch. Ideally, both your feet should end up alongside each other, and your throwing arm should be ahead of your body, as if you are reaching out to grab something.
Iif you connect your thumb and index finger in a circle on the side of the ball, it's called a circle changeup in baseball terms.
Throwing a Changeup in Wiffle Ball
An indoor variety of baseball is the Wiffle ball. It is played with a perforated light weight plastic ball and a plastic bat. But baseball pitches and grips can be implemented in Wiffle ball too. The following steps will tell you the procedure of throwing a changeup in Wiffle ball.
Step-1 The procedure for changeup in this sport is quite similar to that in baseball. The difference lies in the size and lightness of the ball used. The first step is to hold the ball with all five fingers spaced evenly.
Step-2 The windup is done the same way as discussed above. But you don't need the same amount of energy as the ball is lighter in weight.
Step-3 Stick the index finger in one of the holes. This will slow down the pitch. While releasing the ball, your finger should slide easily out of the hole. The ball will be slow but the throw will appear like a fast ball, and the batter will react earlier than required, resulting in a strikeout.
The bottom line is that it should look like the pitcher is throwing a fastball, but the ball should slow down.