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How to Throw a Football

Besides defense and tackling, throwing is an important part in the game of football. The basics are explained here...
Medha Godbole
What does it need to be a true blue American? I guess, you need to love chili dog, indulge in DIY projects, and most important of all, you should love baseball, American football, and the NBA. Please take this in a lighter vein, ladies and gentlemen! I am sure you would agree with this to some extent, right? All the same, imagine being in the USA and not knowing about football! If you are not crazy about the NFL, you are perhaps a pseudo American (again please take this in a lighter vein)! Anyway, it is very important to know how to throw a football. That's what we will check out here.
The Correct Way to Throw a Football
Several aspects are involved when you want to throw a football like a pro. From the stance to the grip, a player needs to be sure about a number of things.
Hold On
There is a specific way to hold the ball if you want to throw it correctly. Place your hand on the ball in way that the index finger is as close as possible to the tip of the ball. The thumb has to be wrapped around the ball, with the remaining fingers placed over the laces. The best way to know what your natural grip is, (which is the best, incidentally) is to toss the ball in the air and then catch it where your hands end up naturally by impulse.
Chance on the Stance
To throw the ball accurately, you will need to have an impeccable stance. With the feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, if you are right-handed, your left foot will have to be forward. Prior to the throw, 80% of your weight will be on the back leg, and 20% has to be on the front leg. As the throw progresses, the transition will be from the back foot to the front foot, at the release.
Letting it Go
When you raise the ball for release, you will have to cock the shoulders back, around 3 inches. The non-dominant hand will have to be dropped from the ball to chest level. Eventually, while throwing, raise the ball over your head and release the throwing arm in a forward motion. Throwing with both the arms is essential, and starting the throw at a proper spot is crucial. That spot is the ball over the shoulder. Moreover, remember that when you release the ball, let the ball roll off the fingers, starting with the pinky finger and ending with the index finger.
Useful Tips
Here are some useful pointers.
  • When you follow-through, you will have to keep your eyes on the target.
  • In the follow-through, the thumb has to point down, while you drop the throwing arm down and bring the back leg forward.
  • Let the grip on the ball be moderately tight―neither too light, nor tight, since, if there is too much power, there will be less control on the ball.
  • Rotate your shoulders slightly while throwing.
  • The fingers have to be on the laces, toward the back of the ball
Finally, when you are aiming at long throws, have a tight spiral and be focused. Most importantly, practice, and practice more.
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