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Amazing Tips on How to Improve Your Swing Speed That Actually Work

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Speed
The speed of your golf swing can go a long way in determining how well you fare on the course. This write-up will guide you with your swing.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
It is all about the swing in a game of golf. I am sure that those who are into this game would agree to this. A rapid swing can be equated with longer drives. But, swinging faster does not mean that you swing harder, and if it would have been that easy, everyone would have become a Tiger Woods. But, before telling you how to improve the speed of you golf swing, a quick overview of the fundamentals would be appropriate.
Important Aspects of Golf
The stance is an extremely important aspect in golf. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and keep them in a perpendicular position to the flight of the ball. Further, bending your knees a bit will help towards a better swing with your hips and upper body. Finally, keep your back straight, for that perfect golf swing posture.
It is advisable not to hold the golf club either too tight or loose. Assert a medium grip. The most common golf grips are baseball grips, interlocking grips, and overlap grips. Try to see which one suits you the best.
Now comes the real part―the swing. It is composed of two aspects―the back swing and the downswing. By back swing, it means raising the club in the air and then getting the swing down to strike the ball. Have a good follow-through after the club strikes the ball.
Improving Your Swing Speed
Stroke 1
Keep the swing speed stable. Swinging harder can lead to the opposite―a shorter drive. Unwind the golf swing from your spikes in a manner resembling a spring being uncoiled. Concentrate on how to get the club head to swing through the ball. You are looking for stability here.
Stroke 2
For a stable swing, it is essential to keep the club face square through the impact. If your club face is offline during impact, you are bound to miss the sweet spot, and all the power you had generated would be lost. Return to the same position as at the start of your back swing.
Stroke 3
Right through the hitting zone, constant acceleration is the key. There is no point in swinging hard and fast, if at the point of impact your club head slows down. Starting your downswing slowly and smoothly, and accelerating at the time of impact with the ball, would help in maximizing your swing speed at the right time.
Stroke 4
The positives of your swing would be maximized by the above mentioned steps. However, if you want to improve your swing, you need to develop your core strength. For that, what you can do is, incorporate some rotational exercises in your gym routine. Taking an athletic stance with the help of a medicine ball, and turning around will help. This exercise is akin to how you go about a golf swing.
Stroke 5
Try to use with a heavy club during your practice sessions. Experts like Sam Snead have suggested this trick. Swing this heavy club slowly, and feel the weight towards the end of the club. This will serve the dual purpose of strength building and helping your body know the key to acceleration of the club head at the bottom of the swing.
Ultimately, practicing with focus will surely help improve your overall game. All the best!
Multiple shots of a golfer's swing
Golfer ready for hitting shot